Old man’s beard

Old man’s beard

A few weekends ago we decided to take the dogs for a walk at Upnor… we had been there before and took some photographs, but this time we just took one camera and decided to capture a few shots.

Well as we were just about to come home, I saw some old man’s beard blowing in the breeze…

The above photo is straight from the camera, without any developing.  As much as I liked the picture with minimum development there was something about it that was not quite right.. Well I tried to enhance it via Lightroom 4 but it still wasn’t turning out how I had envisaged.

For the life of me I couldn’t think what I was doing wrong.. but then I thought to myself, I wonder what it looks like in Black and White… Well that was it.. once I added a couple of gradient filters and a vignette, it started to resemble what I was trying to achieve.

With just a couple more adjustments, that was it.. finished.  Hope you enjoy.

Taken: 25th November 2012
Location: Upnor
Camera: Canon EOS600D
F Stop: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/640 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 55mm
Max Aperture: 5


Posted by Bren

I am an amateur photographer, blogger and digital artist as well as being the female half of RyanPhotography. We both have a keen interest in landscape and floral photography. And we live in Kent, also known as the Garden of England, in the United Kingdom. We both have a desire to travel and hopefully one day move to somewhere where it is picturesque and a photographer's delight.


I just loved the way it moved in the breeze.. as if it was floating on the air.. Lovely picture thanks for posting the link…

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