Westminster Bridge


Westminster Bridge

This picture was taken during one of our visits to London… the day I had to go on the London Eye, and could wait for it to finish… I don’t do heights and my god was I pleased to get off of that circular object.  People say you can see for miles.. well me I was just hoping and praying that it would go a bit quicker so I could get onto firm ground again.

Taken: 6th May 2012
Location: London
Camera: Canon EOS1100D
F Stop: f/10
Exposure: 1/125 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 39mm
Max Aperture: 4.625


Posted by Bren

I am an amateur photographer, blogger and digital artist as well as being the female half of RyanPhotography. We both have a keen interest in landscape and floral photography. And we live in Kent, also known as the Garden of England, in the United Kingdom. We both have a desire to travel and hopefully one day move to somewhere where it is picturesque and a photographer's delight.


Jacci Freimond Rudling

I have a friend who went on the London eye, and her comment was – see for miles, gosh no, I could only see as far as the inside of my eyelids !!!!

I know, I don’t like heights, I was glad when it finally done its single revolution and we were back on firm ground.. Mind you the bits I did manage to see where beautiful… We went on a clouding day, and I could well imagine that the view would be spectacular in glorious sunshine. OH says I will have to dig deep and find my braveness and go again when the sun shines… I have news for him 😀

This really is the 2nd blog post, of urs I personally checked out.
Although I love this particular 1, bathroom window treatments “Westminster Bridge
| Ryan Photography” the best. Thanks ,Darnell

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