Chartwell.. standing for ages


Chartwell .. standing for ages

Yesterday, I decided to delve into HDR photography a little bit more.  I had been using Corel Paintshop Pro to merge my bracketed photos, but running that and trying to run Lightroom at the same time seemed to slow my work flow down.

Anyway I went to the Adobe site and found the write up about the LR/Enfuse plugin.

Installing a plug-in.. oh my god, I hope I don’t mess up Lightroom.. do I buy this or do I just close the page and forget all about it? Yes it is easy to install presets but a Plug-In… OMG.. now you are talking technical or so I thought.

But cowardice was not going to beat me, so I ventured to the Enfuse Website, read all of the instructions and thought.. ‘Hey I could do this.’

So I followed the directions, installed the trial version and decided to merge some of the photos where I had used the auto-bracketing on my camera.  Hey presto it works, but unfortunately the restriction means that it will along allow a 500px final shot.  Well for the sake of a few dollars, I was not going to miss out on such a great plug-in.

I paid my donation and swiftly received the email that gave me code key to unlock the plug in.. And off to work I set…

My first creation was the above shot, taken at Chartwell.  I used three exposures, -2 step, +2 step and 0 step.  Unfortunately on the Canon EOS1100D, auto-bracketing only allows you to take 3 shots… which is rather a shame.  So if anyone out there reads this blog and can tell me if there is anyway I can get 5 or 7 exposures, I would be most grateful if they could comment and let me know.

Now the above shot, didn’t take ages because of setting up the auto-bracketing feature.. it took ages because I was standing there holding the camera, waiting for people to clear the area.  Finally I managed to get the shots just before those big black clouds, emptied their contents.

What did impress me with this plug in… was the simplicity needed to use it and the fact that when it creates its HDR image it automatically imports it back into Lightroom.

All in all I am very pleased with the plug-in and I will continue to use this on a regular basis until I manage to get Photomatix..  and even when I get Photomatix, I will still use this plug-in as it gives a neutral feel to the photo, and according to a couple of real estate sites, they swear by the Enfuse plug-in because of the way it merges bracketed shots together.

Still playing around with this plugin I also enfused three more shots to create this monochrome image.



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Beautiful shot. I love the color saturation. I definitely will have to check out that plug-in.

What I liked about it Mike is that the final shot is put back into Lightroom for you, so you can just tweak it a little more.

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