Wishing spring would spring into action..


Wishing spring would spring into action..

Well what can I say except that I am fed up with this cold weather we are having in the South East of England at this precise moment… You know it really is ‘Bridget Jones’ big knickers’ wearing weather.  Flaming freezing and to wake up to see fine snow in the air… doesn’t give you much hope that the cold is going away and spring is around the corner.

Anyway, so my thought of today is Spring… roll on spring when we start to see those crocuses, daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers, pop their heads from the frozen soil.  Spring and autumn are my most favourite seasons, the first signs of blossom on the trees and then the rich autumn tones of the leaves as they start to die off and the tree gets ready to face winter.

What I love about the picture above it the warmth of the red in the petals and it seems perfectly balanced against the bright vivid yellow. To me it seems as if each colour seems to compliment the other.  Perfection.

Once again all praise must go to my hubby for this photo… it is one of my favourites… Just like him kiss

Taken: 2st April 2012
Location: Nymans Gardens
Camera: Canon EOS1100D
F Stop: f/6.3
Exposure: 1/100 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 51mm
Max Aperture: 5


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I am an amateur photographer, blogger and digital artist as well as being the female half of RyanPhotography. We both have a keen interest in landscape and floral photography. And we live in Kent, also known as the Garden of England, in the United Kingdom. We both have a desire to travel and hopefully one day move to somewhere where it is picturesque and a photographer's delight.


Stunningly beautiful photo (and a nice reminder of what is to come–let it come quickly). I love the colors and the composition and the wonderful use of depth of field. Thanks for sharing the image.

Hi Mike, yes it does remind you of the things to come and I can’t wait for Spring to get here, we are having snow flurries at the moment.. I just hope that we are not in for a real heavy snow shower.

I love the photo too. It seems to draw you in your hubby is a lucky man

Yes he is :D. And a very patient man, thank god, for tonight when he gets in he is going to see the damage his little prince and princess have done. Yes his two Golden Retrievers have finally managed to break the brackets on the French Door curtain pole. And this time there is no repair options available… a trip to B & Q it is for him tomorrow. 😀


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