Change of Direction ….

Walmer Castle
Walmer Castle

Change of Direction….

Well the sun was shining… the temperatures were soaring and Summer had finally arrived.. Yay..  So that was it,  the plan for today was to get in the car with Sat Nav and cameras in hour hands and out for the day.  We had been discussing where to go and I wanted to go to Deal Castle and he fancied Walmer Castle..

Well he won.. you see Walmer Castle also had Gardens to view.. so I thought that would be better than going down to the coast where it would probably be chockablock with sun worshippers.

Anyway, up bright and early and off we set.

Now I had read the English Heritage Guide and got my car parks muddled up. 😀 That was it up and down the road turning around with her in the Sat Nav constantly saying “Please turn around”.. Anyway I found the car park opposite Walmer Castle, which is not the correct car park and eventually we parked up and managed to walk over the road to Walmer Castle (pictured above) to find it closed.

Eventually when I could see the internet on his phone, it said the Lord Warden was in residence so it was not open.. oh dear now what do we do?  Yep you guessed it we headed to Deal Castle.. told you we should have gone there first. 😀

So after a trip around the country lanes and that Sat Nav woman getting more irate with him because he thought he knew better than her… we finally arrived at Deal.. and you guessed it.. we missed the turning for the Car Park… not once but twice.

Deal Castle
Deal Castle

Well we strolled around the castle and we were warned that there had been a burst pipe and there could be slight flooding in certain areas.. yes you guessed it.. in this dark castle with only a glimmer of light we walked around the lower levels of the castle and yes we walked through the puddles..

IMG_3784We managed to take some photographs from inside the Castle the one I do like is this lantern that the other half took..

In fact what we did find was the castle was like a maze.. with bits here and there and walkways around the outer perimeter of the castle, with very small windows providing only a glimmer of light.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t like claustrophobic places, and walking through these dark walkways did give me the heebie jeebies, I was glad to get out of there.  All what was going through my mind was bats, spiders and creepy crawlies that decided to live rent free in Deal Castle.

After  a rest on one of the benches overlooking the sea front we decided to stroll along the front and grab a coffee, which turned into a larger shandy and a plate of chips.

The view was gorgeous and we both looked at each other and said we would love to wake up to that view every day.

As we walked past the fishing boats, Deal became even more attractive.. we both imagined seeing that spectacular view throughout the seasons.  To witness the sea turning from being calm and tranquil to stormy and fierce – is a  photographer’s pure delight.


Our dream is to retire somewhere along the South Coast and to be perfectly honest… Deal is now on my list.. me, him and the doggies would love to walk along that sea-front everyday and I am sure the doggies would love to paddle in the sea.. and what we did find is that the doggies are allowed on the beach and the only restriction is from Sandown Castle to Deal Castle.


What a beautiful day we had..


I am an amateur photographer, blogger and digital artist as well as being the female half of RyanPhotography. We both have a keen interest in landscape and floral photography. And we live in Kent, also known as the Garden of England, in the United Kingdom. We both have a desire to travel and hopefully one day move to somewhere where it is picturesque and a photographer's delight.

    Simply beautiful!

    1. Bren

      Thank you, we had a lovely day out.. And we were quite surprised at the fact that Deal wasn’t that crowded. Now what I love about Deal is there are no arcades and it is not commercialised.


        Still it was lovely!

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