Learning something new.. auto bracketing

auto  bracketing

Learning something new.. auto bracketing

I like HDR photography, especially of buildings and cities.  One of the photographers whose pictures I admire is Trey Ratcliff who runs the website Stuck in Customs.

However we only have cameras that will manage to capture 3 exposures in one go.  Now from what I have learnt from HDR photography the more exposures you have the better dynamic range you can get in your pictures..

But how do you manage to get say 9 exposures to merge together with whichever software you use…

The instructions for getting three exposures is easy….

1. Set the power switch to <ON>

2. Press the <MENU> button to bring up the menu.

3. Under the [ ] tab, select [Expo. comp./AEB], then press the   button.

4. Press the   to set the exposure compensation amount. If AEB is combined with exposure compensation, AEB will be applied centering on the exposure compensation amount.
Turn the

to set the AEB amount. 

5. Press the  <SET>  button to set it.
When you press the shutter button halfway, the AEB amount will be displayed on the LCD monitor.

6. Focus and press the shutter button completely. The three bracketed shots will be taken in this sequence: Standard exposure, decreased exposure, and increased exposure.

Canceling AEB

Follow steps 3 to 5 to turn off the AEB amount display.
The AEB setting will be canceled automatically if the power switch is set to , flash recycling is complete, etc.


  • If you use AEB with [ ] (single shooting), press the shutter button three times to take the three bracketed shots. If [] (continuous shooting) has been set and you press the shutter button completely, the three bracketed shots will be taken continuously in this sequence: Standard exposure, decreased exposure, and increased exposure. When [ ] (10 sec. Self-timer/ Remote control) or [ ] (2 sec. Self-timer/ Remote control) is set, the three bracketed shots will be taken continuously after a 10-sec. or 2-sec. delay. With [ ] set, the number of continuous shots will be three times the number set.
  • Neither flash nor bulb exposures can be used with AEB.

Well that is simple, isn’t it?  So how do you get 9 shots… without going through that procedure time and time again?

I didn’t have clue so for my HDR shots I just stuck to 3 exposures and feeling a little disappointed that I couldn’t get the results I wanted.

Then by chance I found a video.. about auto-bracketing and how to get those nine shots I wanted..

Now I can’t wait to go out and try this.. and what a huge disappointment I had today.. with the rain.. I hope tomorrow is better because, me, hubby, tripod and remote, not forgetting the camera, are going on a mission.  I will post up the results… at a later date.. That is if they are good enough of course 😀


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