Rocks and waves…


Rocks and waves…

Last night the rain held off and we took a drive to Folkestone.. to see if we could capture another sunset.. Unfortunately for us, the sunset was not over the water this time of year.. and even though we were slightly disappointed at not being able to capture a sunset over the water, it didn’t stop us taking some good shots.

As you walk along the Stade you come to a piece of sandy beach at the end.. where once stood a cafe is now apartments.. which I would love to live in.. just to see the different changes of the sea and the storms.


The above picture shows the man made underground caves… I have many a childhood memory of playing in those caves and as the tide rolled in we would move across to the next cave … Folkestone was one of my dad’s favourite places to visit.. and I can remember him making his tea on his little camping stove and even cooking sausages for the rolls.

Mind you back in those days.. the dogs were allowed on the beach.. and our dog would love to run and swim in the water.. Trixie used to enjoy her days at the beach.. unfortunately now.. dogs are banned from beaches for the period of May – September.. but I have visions of how much Stewie and Dumpling would love swimming in that sea.


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Oh, my what lovely colors! Great photos and I loved your anecdotes about the place. Blessings, Natalie

Thank you Natalie.. it is funny what things you can remember as a child.. all those days in Folkestone feel just like yesterday.



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