Concrete seat….

As you stroll around the inner and out walls of Walmer Castle, you come to this little arch set underneath where the cannons are.  Within this arch is a concrete seat.. and it took ages to get this shot as people wanted to sit in that seat and have their photograph taken.  Anyway patience won in the end.


If the weather is good this weekend, I think we might just go back to Walmer Castle. The above photograph was taken in August 2013.


Posted by Bren

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Ullis Instamoments

I’m glad you waited, it’s a peaceful picture. Rally nice!

Thank you for your comment… I am glad I waited, it is a very peaceful shot… and it was so quiet. Mind you the heat was trapped in that area. It was sweltering. Out of the two of us.. I am the one with the most patience. Other half just doesn’t have the patience to wait… Typical man I suppose 😀

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