Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Yesterday was our first real day out back in the UK, what seems to be like months.  We decided to go to Riverhall Himalayan Gardens in Kent.  We have driven many a time by the sign post and have said on numerous occasions we must visit there.. and yesterday was the day.

The gardens and woodland are set on a hillside… and a sensible pair of walking shoes are needed… Oh dear guess who didn’t wear the correct footwear?  Yes… ME. 😀 😀

Anyway I managed and the views of Weald of Kent, as you climb what is called their Mount Everest, are breathtaking and spectacular.  Yesterday was a dismal day, overcast, and muggy… so there was a haze and mist but even so… the views were beautiful.

Of course as we came down from the hillside, he did look at me and said ‘Perhaps after climbing that mountain we should have gone naked?’  To which I replied in no uncertain terms… ‘I’m not climbing up there again… and I don’t think the Weald of Kent would appreciate such antics.’ 😀 😀 😀

This picture is taken from the walled garden looking back to Riverhill House.


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