Weeping Willow Tree

One of the photographers I follow, on WordPress, Facebook and Google+ is Laura Macky. I just love her photographs… and during one of our conversations… and God knows I can’t remember where, we were talking about trees.  And Laura said how she loved weeping willow trees.

Taken by Bren Ryan

Taken by Bren Ryan

Today I was going through some collections I have in Lightroom… where I colour tag photographs that could be a possible website entries.  When I happened to stumble across the above photograph, which was taken at Salomons Estate back in July 2015, which is located just 2 miles outside Royal Tunbridge Wells.  It was one of the first photographs I took with my new camera…. and I was just getting used to using it… so apologies if it is not up to scratch… but I like it anyway.

The photograph was taken as you walked down to the one of the ponds.  And I just love how young this tree is compared to the thick trunks of the other trees that surround it.  Salomons Estate is in fact a hotel… and it is a lovely place to walk around.  You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the estate.  It it set on a hillside with two lakes, a wooded area… and beautiful greens.

Anyway as I was processing this photograph I was thinking of Laura and how she likes weeping willow trees…  I do hope she enjoys this one.


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