Hotel on the hill

Taken by Bren Ryan

Taken by Bren Ryan

For quite a while I have been wondering what to do with the above picture… I have tried adding texture to it and just didn’t like it.  But something was missing with the coloured version… so it has been sitting in Lightroom, in my collection of ‘Possible Website Photos’.  The today inspiration struck me…. what can Topaz Adjust 5 do to this picture.  Well that was it, off to Photoshop it went to get rid of a couple of annoying features, like the lifebuoy by the wooden standing platform on the lake.  And a sign post by the tree.

Once those bits were corrected I played around with the levels and curves and then edited the photograph in Topaz Adjust 5… I decided to use the Grunge B and W Preset and that was it… once I played around with the sliders, I then reimported the photograph back into Photoshop, where I saved it and it was then automatically reimported into Lightroom.

As must as I love the grunge effect on the buildings and the trees… I didn’t like what it did to the sky.  So with my adjustment brush and the clarity slider set to -100 and the noise level set 100, I then painted over the sky with gave it a softer sheen look.

Once I did that I added a few radial filters to highlight certain areas… then when completely satisfied I then added a vignette. But none of the above would have been achievable if I hadn’t cropped the picture to take out some of the landscape and focus more on the house.

It is really surprising, how you can sit there for days, if not weeks, liking a photograph but not knowing what to do with it… when suddenly the inspiration of what you want to achieve enters your head.


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