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Today I saw a video tutorial by Scott Kelby of Lightroom Killer Tips about creating your own Photo Frames in Photoshop and using them in ‘Lightroom Print Module’.  Honestly it is well worth watching even if you have to watch it a few times to understand… like I did.

Anyway here is the frame I created in Photoshop and used as per his instructions … You can if you wish download my photo frame and Lightroom template by downloading this zip folder.  Extract the files and in the PSD add your own Watermark or Signature using a text layer.. then save the file as a ‘png‘ format.   To import the ‘Lightroom Template’ go to the ‘Print Module’ in Lightroom and then ‘right click’ on ‘User Templates’ and select ‘Import’ and import the file ‘Photo Frame – 12×8.lrtemplate’.  Select your photo, resize if necessary and then make sure you have JPEG selected in the ‘Print Job Panel’ if you want to upload your photo to the web and then click on ‘Print to File’..  Should you wish to print your image change the ‘Print to:’ to Printer’ and select the settings you need.

Here are two more images I did using the same method.

Surrounded by Bluebells IMG_4368-PF

Salmon Tulips IMG_4124-PF


Photo Frame – LR Template – No Signature (zip file)

Photo Frame – LR Template – Signature (zip file)


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