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Today I found a wonderful site… full of free goodies to use.  And that got me on a mission… You see I have been playing around with Photo Frames lately in Lightroom… And yes I do like what Lightroom does, but… you can go much further in Photoshop. The 3-photo frame featured below was made in Lightroom, and should you wish to use it.. you are more than welcome by downloading the Identity Plate and Lightroom Template (Zip Folder).

America - Three Photos


As much as I like the above Photo-Frame… I wanted something more artistic and this is where this wonderful free site came in.. Free 3D Textures and Stock Photos.

I downloaded the PNG file and then went into Photoshop and then created separate layers for each of my photos by selecting them and right clicking and selecting Edit In and then choosing the option of Open as Layers in Photoshop.  This opened up a new workspace in Photo with my three photos in it. I then copied and pasted the PNG File for the Photo Frame.  For each of my photos I then used the Transform Tool to Resize the Photo so it fitted exactly into their specific frame…  As you photos will be much larger than the actual Photo Frame file… you need to crop the image.. just so that you leave a few pixels of the transparent background.  And Hey Presto here is my three little rascals…

My little devils - original Frame

And by cropped the PNG photo so I only had the mount part I was then able to create just a plain black border.. simply by increasing the canvas and filling it with black.

My little devils

Have a great weekend everybody xx


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