The Greenhouse at Walmer Castle

Walmer Castle Greenhouse

A photograph of the greenhouse at Walmer Castle – Powder Paint Effect

As you stroll around the gardens of Walmer Castle in Kent… you come across this greenhouse where they grow their seedlings… and I had to take its photograph.  I processed the above primarily in Photoshop and Lightroom using the Powder Paint Effect.  To add a difference to the image.. on my second rework I added a pink tint to the background.

Walmer Castle Greenhouse

A photograph of the greenhouse at Walmer Castle – Powder Paint Effect

I also played around with a photograph of some yellow flowers we took within the gardens..

Yellow Flowers Photograph

A photograph of yellow flowers taken at Walmer Castle and processed in Powder Paint Effect

One of the things that I have learnt using this method is how to change not just the brush size and orientation but how to create spacing between the brush and other effects. This type of photography is a learning curve for me. I love where your imagination can take you when processing a photograph.


To me, processing a photograph is one of the elements of photography that I love… and using this powder paint effect and how to use the template I have to create artwork that is to my style is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing.  What I am finding by doing this type of photography processing is that I am learning to use different properties to each tool.

One tool I have learnt to use more effectively is the Brush Tool and who to increase the spacing between the brush by using the brush properties panel.

Practising things and taking them to a whole new level is a learning curve for me. Especially using Photoshop.  ButI feel that it is one way to learn Photoshop and its true capabilities.  To think only a few months ago… Photoshop scared the life out of me initially.  And it has only been by patience and determination that I have learnt to use this processing software.


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