Eltham Court Palace

Eltham Court Palace in London

As many of you have gathered I am well and truly into this Powder Paint Effect. What I love about it.. is the simplicity of the processing and now I have figured away with using this in Lightroom; which is cutting down my processing workflow a little.  With only 10 days to go.. until Op Day.. I thought I would play around with a photograph from Eltham Court Palace.

 I am processing like mad, keeping myself busy and my mind off of things with processing photos and as you have seen a complete blog update with regards to the theme. I do hope you like it…

Even with the photo placed in a frame there is a certain charm to it.  And I love where this type of photography is taking me.  Mind you I will be glad to get out and about and start photographing places again. I have missed our trips out and about. Mind you though; it hasn’t been that bad as we’re in the winter months and things are pretty barren and the skies are dank and gloomy.

So by the time the spring buds arrive I should start being about to get about and about… they have told me to keep hold of the wheelchair for a while as I won’t be able to walk that far once I’ve been operated on and that I need to increase my walking stamina and distance.  And of course no uneven ground for 6-12 weeks.

So our visits will have to be to places with plenty of paths.


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