Canary Wharf

Overlooking Canary Wharf and the River Thames

Canary Wharf and River Thames

A photograph of the River Thames and Canary wharf taken from North Greenwich.

One of the main advantages of living in the South East of England is the easy access to London. Mind you, the drive during rush-hour is another thing and every day my hubby complains about the traffic that is on the A2. So we don’t get to visit London as must as I would like. But on a nice evening when the sun goes down on Canary Wharf the lights from the buildings are absolutely stunning.  What I love about those lights from the buildings, is the reflection they make on the River Thames.

The above photograph of the buildings at Canary Wharf was photographed just before the lights started to come on.  And was taken just as I had set up my tripod and camera for a long exposure of the buildings at Canary Wharf.

Powder Paint Effect

Again I have given this photograph a powder paint effect feel whilst processing the image.  And I have to thank Ninya Walters for bringing this type of photography to my attention.  I wouldn’t have found this method of processing if it hadn’t been for Facebook.   Simply because there was a  promotional advert highlighting this type of photographic processing.


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