Flowers on a cold winter’s morn.

Rose Flower

A photograph of a rose with a raindrop on its petals processed in Lightroom with the Powder Paint Effect.


For my photography post today I bring you flowers on this cold winter’s morn. It is damp and dismal and very cold here in the South East of England, with temperatures expected to plummet even further over the next few days.

So on this bitter cold morning I bring you a rose from Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex and a dahlia from Great Comp Gardens in Kent.

I was in a wheelchair, unfortunately, at the time of our visit to Pashley Manor and with the gardens being set on a hillside; it did make my visit a little tricky in manoeuvring the wheelchair on paths that had a slight incline.  But that didn’t dampen my spirits or hinder my visit.   Mind you visiting the lake at the bottom of the hillside was a bit of a mission, but we managed it.

Both photographs are processed with a powder paint effect… with special emphasise on the raindrops.  For this effect I used Lightroom’s radial filters on the rose by increasing the exposure.

Roses are my favourite bushes of all times.  Wondering through rose gardens and smelling their sweet scent is pure heaven’s delight for me.  My preference in all the rose bushes we have had planted in our gardens is the carpet rose.  These types of roses bring masses of blooms and spread easily across a border as well as gaining height.  A perfect rose for any garden.

Dahia flower

A photograph of a dahlia taken at Great Comp Gardens near Sevenoaks in Kent.

Dahlia Flowers

For my second photo I had to do a bit of retouching on the leaves. Those bugs sure had a good meal on some of those petals.  But Photoshop came to the rescue. And the healing brush as well as the patch tool filled in the blemishes on those petals.

With the weather here in the South East set to get colder by all accounts, here is to ‘Roll on Spring’. I don’t mind cold frosty winter’s mornings providing the sun is shining.  Where you can see the sun glistens on the newly formed frost.  When the skies are gloomy and everything seems so dank and miserable outside, I can’t wait for spring and the sun to shine.

Continuing with the theme of dahlias here is another photograph of a dahlia in full bloom.

Dahlia Flower

A photography of a dahlia in full bloom taken at Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex and processed with a Powder Paint Effect.


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very beautiful, I think my fav is the rose because of the dew drops.

Thank you… I love the raindrops on that rose.. but I also love the full bloom of the final dahlia and the colours of those petals. Thank you for your lovely comment.

I just love comments... Thanks for stopping by...