Blue Rose

Blue Rose of Belmont House and Gardens

Blue Rose

A blue rose from Belmont House and Gardens give an Oil /Powder Paint Effect.

I’ve played around with the Oil Paint filter at times in Photoshop before.  However, due to it not working on my desktop I invested in Topaz Impression.  What I like about Impression is that the software applies different styles and  brush strokes to your image.  However, for this Blue Rose image I wanted to stick primarily to using the Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop.

The Oil Paint filter in Photoshop is good but it could do with some improvement. Because at times your images just look like the oil paint filter has just been slapped on the image.  Well today I saw a stunning photography by Amy Rose on WordPress where she used the filter.  I liked how the brush strokes emphasised the colours of the clouds.

Oil Paint Video

On viewing Amy’s image I remembered watching a video from Blake Rudis of f64 Academy on how to use the Oil Paint filter like an artist would.

It explains how to use the ‘Blend If‘ method of applying different oil paint settings to different parts of your image.  Primarily the shadows, highlights and midtones of my photograph.

Blue Rose

What I liked about using Blake’s method of using the oil paint filter to my blue rose image, was the way I could emphasise certain parts of the image. I processed my image initially in Lightroom to create a monochrome photo of my rose.  In Photoshop I added my Powder Paint Effect.

Once I finished with my Powder Paint Effect I added a gradient map and a hue/saturation adjustment layer. Once I was happy with my the processing of my image, I then followed the steps in Blake’s video and created different textures using the Oil Paint Filter.

I really like what Blake’s method of using this filter did to my image.  And I hope you find the video helpful to.  And this method works well if you are on a budget and you can’t afford software specially designed to create Impressionist work.


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