Purple Asters From the Gardens of Great Comp

Purple asters

Purple asters from the Gardens of Great Comp

Great Comp gardens near Sevenoaks in Kent was the last formal gardens we visited.   The location of the gardens in Sevenoaks are  local to us.  Which means a short drive away from where we live. Great Comp caters for the disabled as the gardens are wheelchair friendly.  Which meant with it being local and disabled friendly it was the ideal place to visit. Even though we were dodging the rain showers on that particular day. Within the landscaped gardens were masses of asters gently blowing in the breeze.

These flowers were one of my dad’s favourite flowers, the other being roses.  It seems we share the same passion in flowers.  I love delicate flowers and roses.  Above all I love the sweet smell of roses as you stroll around the scented rose gardens of our stately homes.

Asters – Oil Paint Effect

Using the powder paint technique in Photoshop, I decided to add an Oil Paint Filter to the image. However I didn’t want the filter to affect all of the image, so I just used that particular filter on the flowers.  Using the Powder Paint Effect and only the Oil Paint Filter on just the flowers, I found the filter didn’t make the image look over processed.

Tomorrow is Hip-Op day and I will be glad to get out and about again.  Hopefully just as the spring blooms appear in our gardens I will be there photographing those beautiful flowers, without being in pain. Hopefully!  Here is keeping my fingers crossed.  Well to be honest, I am crossing everything. 😀 😀

Processing and playing around with Photoshop will have to take a back burner for a little while.  Which, I suppose, is a downside to having a new hip.  However, as soon as I can get back to my computer again I will be back processing images, like they’ve gone out of fashion.

Baby Blue

Baby Blue Flower

A photograph of flower taken at Great Comp Gardens to create a Powder Paint Effect image.

Not far from where the asters were planted there was this delicate little flower.  In processing this image I used a gradient layer on the background of the image with a dissolve blending option.  Even though they are two different species of flower; what I did like about the baby blue image was the lone petal falling to the ground.

There is beauty all around us, in many shapes and forms, there is beauty in architecture, landscapes and flowers.  And it is that beauty that we love to photograph.  We do hope you have enjoyed viewing these images as much as I’ve enjoyed processing them in Lightroom and Photoshop.


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