Stormy skies on the road to Mallaig

Stormy Skies

A photograph of a valley taken from the A820 in Scotland as we headed towards Mallaig.

What can anybody say about Scotland and its inhabitants?  Firstly they would have to say the locals are friendly, helpful and very welcoming and the landscape is breath-taking, especially through the Highlands.  The only thing is they have a lot of rain. And with the rain comes some very stormy skies which within themselves are a photographer’s delight.

Travelling around the Highlands is a pleasure, with its beautiful scenery and minimal traffic.  Unlike down here in the South East of England where even a local drive is full of traffic jams.  Believe it or not, the only traffic jam we faced during our week in Scotland was the one at Fort William.  And that traffic jam was due to a roundabout slowly down the traffic.  Once you got around the roundabout you were travelling freely again.

Stormy skies on the road to Mallaig

Wherever you travel in Scotland, there are plenty of little lay-bys for you to pull in to view the wonderful scenery and capture some shots of the breath-taking landscape.  On this particular day we were travelling to Mallaig when we came across this beautiful little place.  With lush green fields and mountains. And quaint little cottages scattered among the landscape, we had to photograph this beautiful place.

However, what caught our eye more was the stormy skies looming over the loch. As you travelled around you could see low cloud hover over the mountains. Moving to Scotland is one thing I would not hesitate in doing.  However I might need a decent sou’wester and waterproofs with the amount of rain they have in Scotland. But one thing I love about Scotland is they cater for the tourists.  They have made beautiful tourist attractions easily accessible with plenty of parking so you can stop and admire the scenery.  Or take photographs as in our case.

Do you have a Scottish place which attracts you?  Is there a place that is close to your heart?  I would love to return to Scotland and would love to hear about places that are not so well-known as tourist locations.  Places that are off  the beaten track, places that the locals know which are great photographic areas.


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