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Prayer Room - Instagram

A photograph of the prayer room at Tilbury Fort processed with a powder paint effect.

Lately I have found myself using Instagram a lot more to showcase our photographs.  Using the Lightroom plugin you can easily export your images to this social network along with the image Title, Caption and Keywords.

Believe me I have tried them all.  Tsu, YouPic (and don’t get me started on their sarcastic way of letting you know you aren’t posting enough for their liking) along with other platforms.  But so far Instagram for me is a platform I am beginning to like.  Simply because I can export my photos to Instagram via a Lightroom plugin.  Plus the fact the images created on my Tablet and Phone are easily shared to Instagram’s via their app.

The above photograph is one we took of the Chapel/Prayer Room at Tilbury Fort in Essex. Again I have used the Powder Paint Effect of processing.  And added a graduated background to the image using complementary colours to the image.

On the River Avon at Fordingbridge

The last three images that I exported to this social media network last week were processed  in Photoshop. Again using the Powder Paint Effect and two plugins from Topaz Labs – Topaz Impression and Topaz Texture Effects.

A photography of the River Avon taken at Fordingbridge in Hampshire and processed in a Powder Paint Effect

Above is the Powder Paint Effect image created just by using Photoshop. However I wanted to take this image one step  further in its processing;  so I duplicated the layer in Photoshop and used the plugin Topaz Texture Effects.

Topaz Texture Effects 2

Topaz Impression paint effect of the banks of the River Avon

A photograph of the River Avon taken at Fordingbridge in Hampshire and processed in a Powder Paint Effect and Topaz Texture Effects

Within the software of Topaz Texture Effects 2 I used a Preset called Imperial Ash.  The colourings for this Preset were ideal.  However it needed alterations to the textures used with this Preset.  Changing and finding different textures was easy.  By using a lined texture for the image I liked the effect this texture gave.  For the border texture I choose a mottled effect to add some contrast to the texture.

Topaz Impression 2

A photograph of the River Avon taken at Fordingbridge in Hampshire and processed in a Powder Paint Effect, Topaz Texture Effects and Topaz Impression

First of all, before processing this image I knew in my mind I wanted to add a paint effect to the image.  So to do this, my number one software choice when wanting to add a paint effect is Topaz Impression.

I didn’t want a heavy oil paint effect. I wanted a soft paint effect so I just used the default settings of Topaz Impression.  For me that added just the right amount of effect.

Combining and using these two plug-ins in Photoshop was easy and straight forward.  By duplicating the Topaz Texture Effects layer, I was able to work with the Topaz Impression Plugin and keep both layers which I aptly named Topaz Texture Effects and Topaz Impression.  By saving these images as two different PSD files it made them easy to compare side-by-side once the images were imported back into Lightroom.

Comparing the two images created in Lightroom is easy.  This can be easily achieved by using the Compare View (X/Y) button in the Library Module of Lightroom.

Using plugins in conjunction with each other can compliment  your image.  Do you use Plugins?  If so, what are your favourites? I would love to know your thoughts on how you process your images and what your favourite plugins are.


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Great work, again, Bren. Well done!

Thank you… I really am loving this type of processing. I am getting addicted to it 😀 😀

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