Atop overlooking the countryside

WPC – Atop – Overlooking the countryside

Overlooking the countryside at Bodiam

On top of Bodiam Castle overlooking the Countryside.

Another week and another WordPress photography challenge.  And the theme this week is Atop. The above image is my final image processed in Lightroom.  And for this challenge I used an image taken way back in 2014 at the top of Bodiam Castle overlooking the East Sussex Countryside.

As part of the course, as you may have gathered by now, it was given a Powder Paint Effect. Only this time I removed the boxed outline.

This is the original image straight out of Photoshop, before my final edits in Lightroom and removing the boxed outline in Photoshop.

Overlooking the Countryside at Bodiam

On top of Bodiam Castle overlooking the Countryside.

Now I wanted to give this image a framed look as well. But! The image size was 6000px x 4800px and wouldn’t fit the Photo Frames I generally use in the Print Module of Lightroom.  So what could I do without having to create Identity Plates for the print module of my frame?

Method for Framing Image if you don’t have Photoshop

  • Firstly in the the Develop Module in the Transform Panel I scaled the image to 73%. By doing this I added a white border to the image.
  • In the Print Module in the Image Settings Panel I ticked the boxes Zoom to Fill and Rotate to Fit.
  • Also in the Image Settings Panel I ticked the box Stroke Border and set the Width to 12.7pt and selected a black colour.
  • In the Layout Panel I set all margins to 0 and the Cell Size to 4.8in for the Height and 6in for the Width.  This kept my print dimensions the same as my image size.
  • In the Page Module I set the Page Background Colour to black.  This made sure if there were any white edges, due to print, they would now be the same colour as my Stroke Border.
  • In the Print Job Panel, I made sure jpeg is selected as the Print to option. 
  • I set the File Resolution to 130ppi
  • And the Custom File Dimensions to 6.00in x 4.8in.
  • For Colour Management I selected sRGB
  • And finally clicked on the Print to File Button and saved my image to a folder.

And to make life easier should I decide in future to frame anymore images that are of the 6 x 4.8 size I have created a Lightroom Print Template and a jpeg Identity Plate which you can download below.

6×4.8 Photo Frame Template Download


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