Falling leaves but I’m still hanging on

As the winter of 2016 descended on us.. a bare leaf hanging on a branch


I am a leaf on this dear tree,
Hanging on, not wanting to be free,
Remembering days when I was just a bud,
Praying I don't fall in the mud.

With Spring approaching and growing fast,
Oh what beauty I shall cast,
Longing for summer with long sun bursts.
I pray life treats me well and I'm not curst.

Summer came with rays of sun,
Children playing and having fun,
The nights were light and I could see,
The leaves around, my friends and me.

My friends have fallen, but I'm still here,
Hanging on though deep in fear,
Fearing the day, when I won't be
A beautiful leaf upon this tree.

Looking back on days gone by,
I'm old and frail and bone dry,
With my crumpled skin, it won't be long,
Before I am not here and I'm dead and gone.

But until them I will be.
A little old leaf hanging on this tree.

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Posted by Bren

I am an amateur photographer, blogger and digital artist as well as being the female half of RyanPhotography. We both have a keen interest in landscape and floral photography. And we live in Kent, also known as the Garden of England, in the United Kingdom. We both have a desire to travel and hopefully one day move to somewhere where it is picturesque and a photographer's delight.

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