I’m back…. out and about with my camera

Bottle Brush Plant taken in the greenhouse of Hall Place in Bexley London.

Finally life is getting back to some normality… and this weekend has been one of the best weekends in ages.  You see I am back out and about with my camera.  Still having to take things easy has meant my camera has sat in the bag and not seen the light of day for weeks.

This weekend has been filled with mixed emotions for me.  What with clearing my mum’s home and being able to get for the first time in ages with my camera. It has meant a lot of highs and lows over the last 48 hours.

You see, my mum has vascular dementia.  Back in November she had a fall and was hospitalised and sent to rehab.  With her dementia and frailty  the doctor’s said it was unsafe for her to return home. Which meant moving her to a residential home.  This meant I had to sort out her house.   On Saturday we had the house clearance people in to remove what we didn’t want and it was rather tinged with sadness… closing the front door for the last time on Saturday and posting the keys today at the landlord’s offices.

I was just 10 years old when I moved as a child to that house.  And seeing the house stripped back to its bare elements  felt like a chapter of my life was being closed and will never be re-opened.  I haven’t lived at home for years, but that house held wonderful memories for me and it seems as if I have lost part of my soul knowing that I’ll never walk through that front door again.

Well that is enough. Time to stop this poor old me lark.   Whilst the house clearance team were clearing the house, we decided to take a drive to Hall Place in Bexley.  At the moment I have to still be careful as I am not yet at the six weeks post-op.

Hall Place

Anyway Hall Place is flat and easy to walk.  There is a greenhouse full of plants.  To be perfectly honest we thought there would be more flowers out in the garden than there were, but that didn’t dampen my spirits.  It was so nice to get out and about again.  I am working my way through the images we took.  Deciding which images to process. One of the images I took was of the bottle brush plant in the greenhouse. I just love the vibrancy of the red of this flower.

Just as we were about to leave Hall Place, we came across Jamb’s Owls with the grounds of Hall Place.  And decided to pay a visit to see the owls.  This is a photograph of a British barn owl which was sitting on his little perch.

A British barn owl photographed at Jamb’s Owls at Hall Place in Bexley

Even though this weekend has been full of mixed emotions I am so pleased to be back out and about.


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