About Us

Well what is there to say, not a lot really…. We, as a family have had many cameras and video cameras, but that is it.  They would generally collect dust and not get used.  Yes when our son was young we would get the camera out and take snaps and pester people at family festivities and of course holidays, but other than that nothing.

Well, a few Christmas’ ago my husband asked for a new camera. I purchased him the FujiFilm Finepix S5700 for just over £150 and off he trotted. The old dog had learnt that when camera appears, pose, poppa is filming.. must pose and be on best behaviour.  Well the retrievers are a different matter, when poppa appears with the Camera it oh a new toy for us.. and are bounding around so much it is hard to take a picture.

Finally a camera that gets used, and we have taken some very good snaps.

I was happy with my little Digimax 450, point and shoot, nothing technical… I don’t do technical..  But you know what men are like with their toys, the more buttons, settings and gadgets they can have the better.

Even if they don’t understand what every feature does, they still have to have them.  One thing I have noticed is that when he was using is Fujifilm camera, most pictures were taken on auto, (whatever that means).  Can’t grumble though as some of the pictures have been absolutely brilliant.

However, this Christmas and when asked he wanted to have one of these super-duper cameras.  You know the ones with interchangeable lenses.  So off we went on our search of the internet and the one that caught his eye was the Canon EOS1100D..  No wonder it caught his eye, it was over £400 on some sites, just for the body of the camera.

Well as luck had it we were shopping at Bluewater and walked into Currys and they were doing a deal where the you could get this specific camera with a 18-55mm lens for £378.99.  What a bargain   so we waited until after Christmas and he collected all his Christmas money together added the rest and set off for Currys.  Well that was the deal before Christmas, the after Christmas deal was the same but if you paid an extra £100 you get the 75-300 lens as well.

You guessed it as the sales person was explaining things, I just nodded.. everything was whooshing straight over my head.

So home we come armed with a camera and two lenses.

After unpacking the box and acting like a child with a new toy, I was promptly given the Fujifilm camera and an instruction manual.  Well I have read the manual for days and I still don’t have a clue what optical zoom is and what digital zoom is.  I suppose the only way I am going to learn how to use this camera is to be brave take it out of the case and get clicking.

But come August 2012, hubby decided that he wanted the new Canon EOS600D, apparently it does this and that and I was promptly handed down the EOS1100D… Oh my god, what they heck do I do with this.. it does far more than the Panasonic one and I have only just learnt that.. Oh I will cope

Well here we are with three decent cameras and a website.  I suppose the only thing to do is go out snapping and post our pictures for all to view.

Yep, when weekends arrive, come rain or shine, me, him and three cameras will be heading for the great outdoors … not forgetting the dogs..

Can’t wait to try those pub lunches out … oh I forgot we are supposed to be taking photos.