Purple Asters From the Gardens of Great Comp

Purple asters
Purple asters from the Gardens of Great Comp

Great Comp gardens near Sevenoaks in Kent was the last formal gardens we visited.   The location of the gardens in Sevenoaks are  local to us.  Which means a short drive away from where we live. Great Comp caters for the disabled as the gardens are wheelchair friendly.  Which meant with it being local and disabled friendly it was the ideal place to visit. Even though we were dodging the rain showers on that particular day. Within the landscaped gardens were masses of asters gently blowing in the breeze. Read more “Purple Asters From the Gardens of Great Comp”

Blue Rose Floral

Blue Rose of Belmont House and Gardens

Blue Rose
A blue rose from Belmont House and Gardens give an Oil /Powder Paint Effect.

I’ve played around with the Oil Paint filter at times in Photoshop before.  However, due to it not working on my desktop I invested in Topaz Impression.  What I like about Impression is that the software applies different styles and  brush strokes to your image.  However, for this Blue Rose image I wanted to stick primarily to using the Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop. Read more “Blue Rose of Belmont House and Gardens”

Dahlia Floral

Pom Pom Dahlia from Lullingstone – Oil Paint Effect

Pom Pom Dahlia Oil Paint Effect
A photograph of a pom-pom dahlia taken at Lullingstone Castle in Kent.

To create the above photograph, I started out in Lightroom.  To the dahlia I cropped the image and then did a few minor edits to the image.  Over-processing the image at this point was one thing I didn’t want to do, as I knew I would be giving it an Oil Paint Effect in Photoshop. Read more “Pom Pom Dahlia from Lullingstone – Oil Paint Effect”

Greenhouse Floral

The Greenhouse at Walmer Castle

Walmer Castle Greenhouse
A photograph of the greenhouse at Walmer Castle – Powder Paint Effect

As you stroll around the gardens of Walmer Castle in Kent… you come across this greenhouse where they grow their seedlings… and I had to take its photograph.  I processed the above primarily in Photoshop and Lightroom using the Powder Paint Effect.  To add a difference to the image.. on my second rework I added a pink tint to the background. Read more “The Greenhouse at Walmer Castle”


Flowers From Lullingstone

A photograph of flowers taken at Lullingstone Castle processed in the Powder paint effect.

Still playing with the Powder Paint Effect another subject that this type of processing enhances is the photography of flowers…

Digital Art

Vase full of flowers

A photograph of a vase full of flowers taken at Hall Place in Bexley, given a powder paint effect.

I played around with this photograph back in October 2016 in a post called The Vase – Take Six and today I thought I would give it the Powder Paint Effect which I am finding very interesting to do…

To the original image I did the following in Photoshop

  • Added a gradient overlay to the background layer
  • Added a gradient overlay, colour overlay and drop shadow to the to Box outline
  • Removed some of the powder effect to bring out more details of the flowers and vase.

I have decided to put most of these powder paint effect photos up for sale on Fine Art America should people wish to buy any prints or greeting cards.