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Weekly Update 15th May – New and Updated Portfolios

Well this is the second week (15th May Portfolios) of my revamping project for this blog and I have to say I am loving going over old photographs and re-processing them.  Not a lot has happened, in fact it has been rather a quiet weekend for us.   And things that needed doing in the garden drastically, …

On the Loch

Just over a week ago, I received an email from Jodi Robbins of Topaz Labs, who had seen my Duck Pond photograph; and she asked if I would be prepared to write an article for the Topaz Labs.. First of all I was gobsmacked… I couldn’t believe that I was being contacted by a renowned company …

Duck Pond

I really can’t believe how much I am liking this Topaz Texture Effects. The above photograph heading its way to the trash bin; I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t like the sky. I didn’t like the texture of the photograph, so for experimentation purposes, I wanted to see if this photograph which was heading towards that recycle bin could be transformed using …