The beach at Monterey

A photograph of the beach at Monterey California.

Our final stop on our grand tour of the West Coast of the United States, ended with a 3 day stop at Monterey… our hotel was right there on the beach… and we had wonderful views of the coastline and Monterey….  during our second day there… the Pacific Ocean came crashing into the shoreline as the winds increased..

The following two photographs were taken on our very first night there as the sun was setting over Monterey

A photograph of the sun as it was setting at Monterey California
A photograph of the sun as it was setting at Monterey California
Palace of Fine Arts Architecture

Memories of San Francisco

Do you know what I can’t believe it has been over 18 months since we went to America… and on our very first stop on our tour was the lovely city of San Francisco… and the most beautiful, tranquil and inspiring place I visited there has to be the Palace of Fine Arts…  I would go to San Francisco again tomorrow if I had the chance and visit this beautiful architecture.

On our first full day in San Francisco the morning was occupied by a guided tour of the city… My heart skipped a beat when I saw the cable cars and Crooked Street.. the scenery, was beautiful and the above photograph was taken whilst on that guided tour.

From the Palace of Fine Arts out coach tour took us across the Golden Gate Bridge, to a viewpoint… overlooking the bridge and the bay… the mist was rolling in thick and fast… and we were told this was quite normal during the day… especially in the summer months..

A photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge, shrouded in the mid-morning mist.


In the afternoon our guided tour took us to Alcatraz…  I was glad I went to Alacatraz even though the boat ridge was a bit rough… but Alcatraz left me with a cold feeling.. especially when you saw how cramped the cells were and how they were stacked high upon each other…  it was dark and dismal and cold.  Our guide told us that the smells of the city, especially food smells would waft across the bay… as memory to the prisoners of what they were missing.

A photograph of Alcatraz in San Francisco.


The following day… was a free day and I had to return to the Palace of Fine Arts… it was a place I just wanted to explore.. even though we saw a lot of tourist places yesterday in San Francisco .. it was rather a whistle-stop tour and there wasn’t a lot of time to explore the sights. And the Palace of Fine Arts was on my revisit list as well as a ride on a cable car.

A photograph of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

The Palace of Fine Arts holds special memories for me… and I would jump at the chance to revisit San Francisco.. and to revisit this marvellous architecture.

A monochrome Photograph of the columns at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.


Now if my lottery numbers came up I would definitely buy one of those houses because I could spend forever and a day looking at this beautiful place… a place that is held dear to my heart.  I think the song is quite true you know… when they sing ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’  because I believe a little bit of my heart is there just longing for me to return.


On the sea-shore


Can nothing last?
No deep, intense emotion?
Have all things passed,
Can nothing last?
‘Yes,’ sighs the wind,
‘ My passion for the Ocean
Must always last.’

Is nothing True?
No words of protestation?
Love cries anew
‘ Is nothing True?’
‘Yes,’ sobs the sea,
‘ My endless adoration
For yonder rock is true !

‘Will nothing stand
Against the stress of weather?
Storms sweep the land,
Will nothing stand ?
‘Yes,’ says the rock,
‘ For God and I together,
We two will stand.’

Poetry by Radclyffe Hall

Photograph taken at Tankerton in Kent on a cold February morning.


Waiting for the storm

A photograph of a storm taken from Brightron Pier in East Sussex.
A photograph of a storm taken from Brightron Pier in East Sussex.

One July day in 2014, during the week, hubby had a day off.. and we decided to head to Brighton in East Sussex, I love Brighton seafront, especially the little train that takes you down to the Marina.  Anyway as we headed back towards the pier the skies turned very stormy.  We stood on the pier waiting for the thunder and lightning to start.  We did hear one loud thunder-clap in the distance.

But there was no lightning which was a shame… so for the above picture I decided to add some lightning.. to add a more dramatic effect to the sky..


Folkestone Beach – On the Rocks

A photograph of Folkestone Beach near the Lower Leas end of Folkestone.
A photograph of Folkestone Beach near the Lower Leas end of Folkestone.


Just as the weather started to turn, he managed to get this shot of the rocks on the beach at Folkestone.  This shot was taken just up from the cable car entrance  at the Lower Leas in Folkestone.  At the Lower Leas end of the beach is scenic gardens overlooking the seashore, which I would love to revisit at some point and take some night shots, from there as it seems very illuminated.

Mallaig Coastline Scotland Landscape

Mallaig Coastline

A photograph of the coastline taken at Mallaig, in Scotland.
A photograph of the coastline taken at Mallaig, in Scotland.

On our trip to Scotland back in July, we took a trip from Glencoe to Mallaig.. the scenery was beautiful and we drove through some lovely villages.. and beautiful mountain ranges.

Photography Challenge

One Photo Focus – September – Balclutha

RyanPhotography - One Photo Focus - September-2
RyanPhotography – One Photo Focus – September – Photo by Stacy P Fischer edited by RyanPhotography


Well it is that time of the month again when we get the chance to edit a photograph in the One Photo Focus Challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer. A challenge that I love doing… especially when you see the other entries and how other people have edited the photograph.

This week I have two edits – one with a mermaid and one without.  The processing for both photographs was exactly the same… the mermaid was added at the end.  And here is how I edited the photograph:-

  • I started in Lightroom and added my Deep and Moody Preset
  • I played around with the radial filters
  • I then edited the image in Photoshop
  • Duplicated the layer and removed the guide ropes and buoy from the tall ship.
  • Added a Photo filter and applied a low density mask to the filter
  • I added an exposure adjustment layer and a graduated layer mask
  • I then played around with the hue and saturation
  • I then applied a texture to the whole photograph
  • My next task was to add a solid colour to the photograph and change the blending mode to colour and lowered the opacity of the mask
  • I then saved the photograph and when back in Lightroom did a few minimal adjustments and added a couple of radial filters.
RyanPhotography - One Photo Focus - September - Photo by Stacy P Fischer edited by RyanPhotography
RyanPhotography – One Photo Focus – September – Photo by Stacy P Fischer edited by RyanPhotography


For the mermaid Photo

  • I added a mermaid PNG found on Google…
  • I added a clipping adjustment layer to the mermaid to change the brightness and contrast
  • I then played around with the exposure of the mermaid using another clipping adjustment layer.

I have decided to submit the first photograph… the mermaid one was just for fun….


Lower Leas Seafront – Folkestone

A photograph taken at the Lower Leas Coastal Route, Folkestone, Kent.
A photograph taken at Lower Leas Coastal Route, Folkestone, Kent.


Well today has been one of those days.. where I have hardly been able to move with my hip… so it has been a day of on the sofa with Photoshop and Lightroom…. The above photograph was taken last night at Lower Leas Coastal Route in Folkestone.

Lately I have been captioning my photographs with the details of where the photograph was taken… and not which one of us took the photograph… I suppose I could have put who took the photo in the caption… but today I decided to create us two watermarks.. one for him and one for me…

IMG_5562Anyway after I accomplished those watermarks.. I set about processing the above photograph… as you can see there are many distractions in the photograph…. railings posts, warning signs etc.

This is the first time I have taken to removing such large objects in a photograph using Photoshop… and even though I know it is not perfect I am pleased at what I achieved.  Yes I still have a lot to learn… but with the help of the patch tool and spot healing tool and a whole lot of undoing and redoing… I finally achieved what I wanted…

I don’t know about you… but when district council leave random railings that serve no purpose at all… it makes me rather angry as it makes the area look run-down and not looked after… I can understand railings being used if there is a sheer drop to the sea/beach… but in the above case.. those railings are totally unacceptable.