Lightroom Quick Tip – Scaling

Lightroom Quick Tip – Scaling

A photograph of the bridge that leads you to the entrance of Leeds Castle

Have you ever taken a photograph and wished you could have got closer to the subject?  Or you wish that you could crop the image without losing the original size of the image?  Well here is a quick tip for Lightroom Users..

Under the Transform Panel in the Develop Module, there are a set of sliders that allow you to scale you image to 150 and you can also move your scaling around by using the x and y sliders.

With regards to the above image.. I scaled my image to 125 played around with the x and y sliders until I achieved the look I was looking for… and by doing this I kept the original dimensions of my photograph.  Whereas if I had cropped the image to get the composition I wanted it would have decreased my image size, from 5472 x 3648 pixels to 4621 x 3080 pixels.

As you can see from the original photograph… there were elements I didn’t want to keep, as I didn’t want the viewer to be distracted by all the greenery and I wanted this image to focus primarily on the Bridge and Gate House.

A photograph of the bridge that leads you to the entrance of Leeds Castle


I hope this little tip helps you out… try scaling your image before using the crop tool.. and that will hopefully keep your image as close as it can be to the original image size… very helpful if you have to upload to certain sites… like 500px.

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Photography Blogging…

Photography Blogging…

Lately I am beginning to question whether Blogging is now becoming a thing of the past… especially with the rise of Social Media and the fact that you can now create Facebook and Google+ Pages to promote your images.

I don’t know about you but lately I am finding it hard to find something to write about… Of course I could go into the lengths and depths of how I processed the photo but that is taking my time away from processing photographs.

One thing I do know… I don’t want to be tied to a computer screen all day … writing posts and I do feel guilty if I only post an image… with no content.  How do you feel?  Is Blogging taking over your life?  Would you prefer to be processing photos and even better.. being out there getting shots… rather than sitting at a desk thinking of something to write?

portfolioAnyway… is showcasing your work on a Portfolio a way to work… and then do the occasional blog post highlighting what you have worked on during the week?

A little while ago… after reading a blog post (and don’t ask me where) I realised that if you have any Adobe Products including the Photography Package, you can create a Portfolio for FREE.

And when you create your Portfolio you can also publish your work to Behance.

Using a Portfolio to me seems a whole lot easier.. I just upload the images to my Adobe Portfolio and then it will automatically publish my work to Behance.

You also have the benefit of having using your own Personal Domain for your Adobe Portfolio … mine is

Setting up your Portfolio on Adobe is easy… and even though the theme choice is limited you can customise any of the themes by changing font’s, colours and adding backgrounds.  I am still working on my Portfolio at the moment… and I am just learning how to customise the actual layout… I am sure it will change within the next few days.

Social Media is a great way to promote your work… and WordPress does a good job of sending your posts to Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc but one thing Facebook doesn’t do properly is promote links.  I have found if I upload a photograph it has a far greater reach than publishing a link to a blog post.

I think for the time being, I will cut down my actual blogging time and work on my Portfolio and maybe give Google+ and our Facebook Page at little more of my time rather than posting links to photographs.

Anyway if you do have the Adobe Photography package and you are only using Social Media to showcase your work… don’t forget you can create a free Portfolio showcasing your images.  It is one little feature that I didn’t know existed until I read that blog post.

You can also add links to your Portfolio that will direct viewers to your Blog or any other website you may be using… for instance, selling your work on FineArt America or Etsy…

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Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Dodge and Burn

Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Dodge and Burn

Yesterday I mentioned this tip and how I had used it… and boy was I glad Matt Kloskowski did this tip… because it made dodging and burning in Photoshop a whole lot easier.


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Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Using Colour

Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Using Colour

You know how you want to intensify colours… and wish certain parts of an image were different layers…  well yes you can use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer or Levels and Curves… but I use the following method…

  • Create a new layer
  • Select Brush Tool
  • Choose Colour
  • Paint over areas with colour
  • Set blending mode to either ‘Soft Light’ or ‘Overlay
  • Use a mask to paint out bits where you don’t want the colour changed…

For this image I used the above method not once but with three different colours… one layer on the rocks, one layer for the trees and another layer for the sky.


Before Colour

Rocks before colour


After Colour


Rocks after Colour



Before Colour

Trees before colour



After Colour


Trees after colour




Before Colour


Sky before Colour


After Colour


Sky After Colour


I didn’t use a mask at all for the rocks, but I did for the sky and the trees… as you can see by my layers panel..

Layers for colour

I just love how this method makes certain colours pop… and here is the final image once I exported it from Photoshop back into Lightroom.

A landscape photograph of Sheffield Park Gardens taken in July 2012 just as the storm clouds started to arrive...

A landscape photograph of Sheffield Park Gardens taken in July 2012 just as the storm clouds started to arrive…

Once I was back into Lightroom I added a Serge Ramelli Preset called ‘Basic: Outdoor Warm Centre’. I played around then with the basic settings and the radial filters, where I played around with the location of the Radial Filters and the settings of each radial filter.  I then added a few brush strokes to lighten certain areas.. and below is the final image.

Sheffield Gardens - IMG_2470 - Framed


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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Effect On or Off

Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Effect On or Off

Sometimes when editing a photograph, you might want to add some radial filters… but you don’t want them to really stand out… you just want a hint of light.. For instance take this photograph.


Radial Filters ON

I didn’t want to add too much light in places, just subtle hints..  but the problem is after adding a few radial filters… and with each radial filter being given such a small exposure value my eyes become accustomed and I couldn’t see how much of an effect I was creating.

Radial Filters OnThis is where this little icon comes in handy… When the white square is at the top it means the effect is ON.

Radial Filters OffWhen the white square is at the bottom the effect is off…  So in my case with the above photograph once I put the Radial Filters to the OFF position I could see the changes of my radial filters by flicking the little icon on and off.


Radial Filters OFF


You can also use the ON and OFF button for all your adjustment tools except the Crop Tool

Adjustment Tools

As well as the different panels within the Develop Module should you alter any of the sliders…  Take for instance the Effects Module, where you have added a vignette…

Vignette ON

Vignette ON

By clicking the Button to the OFF position on the Effects Panel.

Effects OFF

Here is the photograph without the Effects added.

Vignette OFF

Vignette OFF


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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Virtual Copies or Snapshots

Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Virtual Copies or Snapshots

Here is another video for you where Julieanne Kost explains the difference between Virtual Copies and Snapshots.  I do use both, but I do like using the Virtual Copies the most.. simply because I can reset the photo and start all over again and then compare them side by side.  It is a lot to take in all at once, but it is well worth watching it a couple of times as she describes the benefits of Snapshots when using Photoshop.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Module Help

Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Module Help

Shortcuts… we love them, they make our lives a whole lot easier.. but having to keep remembering different shortcuts for different programmes can be a flaming nightmare.

This is where the  Control +/ (PC) or Cmd  + / (MAC) will bring up the help and shortcuts for the particular module your are in…   So by pressing the appropriate command for your computer  in the Library Module will bring up the shortcuts for the Library Module

Library Shortcuts

The main Modules I use are Library (pictured above) and the Develop, Slideshow and Print Modules (pictured below), however that command works for every module of Lightroom.

Develop Shortcuts

Slideshow Shortcuts

Print Shortcuts

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