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Friday Quick Tip – Download Topaz Studio

One set of plugins I love to use for my photography are those created by Topaz Labs… I have quite a few new… Remask, Black and White, Adjust, Texture Effects 2 and Impression as well as Detail.  And I love them.  So for this quick Tip I am going to send you in the direction …

Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom

So you want to crop and image in Lightroom and you don’t know whether to use landscape or portrait mode for your crop, well make your crop and instead of redoing your crop just press ‘x’.  By pressing ‘x’ on your keyboard it will toggle the crop box to toggle from landscape to portrait and …


Well you have all guessed by now, my forte in Photography is fine-art… I love adding texture and I love playing around in Photoshop.  But one of the things that I find hard is masking, especially when you get a landscape photograph with lots of trees and lots bushes, and how to refine that mask. …