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Topaz Remask… just can’t believe it.

Now I love Lightroom and the majority of my work’s carried out in Lightroom.  However, Lightroom does have its limitations and one of those limitations is that you can’t work with layers or add textures to your images.  So Photoshop is my number photo editing software that I turn to when adding textures.  But what I …

I spy….

  With my beady eye… a woman in a wheelchair balancing a large lens on a camera bag… trying to take my photograph… This little duck stood so still, he had me fixed in his gaze… but to shoot the picture I knew I need a fast shutter speed.. and for this particular photograph I selected …

Knole Deer

Last Friday we went Knole House, near Sevenoaks in Kent… I couldn’t walk far but by luck just where we parked on the embankment was a herd of deer. They were just grazing and lying around in the sun… it was cold out there but to see these splendid animals so close to us was just …