Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts – San Francisco by RyanPhotography

One of the places we visited whilst touring San Francisco back in May 2015 was the Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina district. Built in 1915 for the  Panama-Pacific Exposition; to exhibit works of art presented there.  The Palace was designed by the renowned architect Bernard R. Maybeck.  And was built during great turmoil in the world and San Francisco.  A city which was just recovering from the great earthquake and fire of 1906.

Set within wonderful grounds The Palace of Fine Arts features a lake and a fountain which you can stroll around.  With its wonderful architecture the Palace of Fine Arts has great photographic content.

Redevelopment of the Palace of Fine Arts is being considered by The City’s Recreation and Parks Department, with three proposals submitted to renovate the Palace of Fine Arts.

These proposals have been met with stiff opposition from the public and there is website called Save The Palace of Fine Arts. It would be a total shame if this wonderful place became more commercialised and lost it’s beautiful architectural qualities.


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