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A whole new feeling…

A whole new feeling…


A whole new feeling…

To achieve the above image, which was taken at Goodnestone Park Gardens, I used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I started out with this image…


Even after processing in Lightroom…


I still wasn’t happy… so I decided to add some texture to the photograph…. so off to Photoshop the imagine went… In Lightroom it is quite easy to edit an imagine in Photoshop… provided you have the original image to hand (yes I found out the hard way… you can’t edit smart previews in Photoshop) you just right-click and edit in Photoshop.

Once in Photoshop I then added three different textures by adding each one on a separate layer and then adjusted the blending modes, opacity and fill options until I reached the textured look I wanted.    Once I happy in Photoshop I clicked File Save and my image was saved and sent back to Lightroom as a tiff image.   Then I decided to use the radial filter in Lightroom so it looked like you were being drawn in to the daffodils or better still spying through the woods (as one of my friends said on Facebook).

We loved our visit to Goodnestone Gardens and not forgetting our lunch at The Haywain.

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One of our favourite places to visit is Scotney Castle in Kent.. The above picture was created firstly by merging three auto-bracketed photos into one HDR (High Dynamic Range) image.

Once the image was created, I then played around with image, in Lightroom, until I was happy with it.. which left me with the picture below. Continue reading →

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Roll out the barrel…

Roll out the barrel…


Roll out the barrel…

Time and time I keep saying to myself I am going to purchase the Topaz Adjust plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop, and then change my mind.

Well yesterday after seeing the offer on their website.. that was it.. I purchased.  Normally the plugin is $49.99 for Topaz Adjust… but if purchased before 30th September 2013, you get the plug-in for $24.99, which is just under £15.50…. what a bargain.

The above photograph was taken at Upnor Castle… I did my usual adjustments via Lightroom and then transferred the file to Topaz Adjust for the final edit.  Once I got the desired effect, then back to Lightroom for a Vignette finish.

All I can say is that I am glad I went to their website yesterday….

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Playing with Texture – Part III

Playing with Texture – Part III

Yesterday I posted a picture from Bayham Old Abbey.. which I converted to black and white and processed in Lightroom…


Well I decided to add texture to the above photograph… the textures I used were


which when converted into black and white in photoshop created the picture below.. In photoshop I changed the opacity of the layer and masked out the actual ruins so that they were not texturised.


The other texture I used was…


again using the same procedure of transforming the texture to black and white in photoshop and then reducing the layer until I achieved the desired effect.


Finally I decided to compose the final picture with both layers of texture visible.. which created this final photo.


Playing with textures is fun.. and again I want to say thank you to Public Domain Textures for their variety of textures that are available for people to use..

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Turning day into night…

Turning day into night…


Turning day into night…

IMG_5851So how did I go about transforming the photo on the right into the one above.

As much as I liked the photo on the right.. I just wanted to play around and see if I could create a night-time scene using Lightroom and Photoshop..

Firstly, I did the necessary adjustments in Lightroom and then edited the photo in Photoshop.

What I did next was to add some texture layers to the photo and the layers I used were these:

I then moved those layers around in photoshop until I got the desired effect.. How I did this was by transforming the layer and then making that layer larger than the original picture, which allowed me to adjust the position of each layer.

Once I was happy with the effect.. I then saved the image and it automatically got imported back into Lightroom.

My next step was to use the cloning tool and remove the lifebuoy ring and pole.

Next I added a radial filter highlighting the bench, so it looked lighter than the rest of the picture… I did this by lowering the exposure.. When happy I then used the adjustment brush and lower the exposure of the street light, so that it looked like it was switched on.. I did this twice, each time with the flow set to about 89%.

Finally I then created a new brush, which was quite large and lowered the flow and then increased the exposure slightly until I got it to look like the bench was being highlighted by the shine of the street light.

Photography is all about experimentation.. not just when you are out and about but when you process your photos… personally I am quite pleased with the final effect.. What do you think?

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