Rant time…. Being Left Out in the Cold

Rant time…. Being Left Out in the Cold

Yes that is it… if you are a Windows User or an Android user when it comes to things like Lightroom Mobile and Aurora HDR you are left right out in the cold.

I have been watching, on YouTube, all the wonderful things that the New Lightroom Mobile does if you have an iPhone or iPad… but even though the update fixed a few bug fixes in Lightroom Mobile for Android… we are left out in the cold.. because we don’t have half of the features that an IOS user has.  We can’t do local adjustments… for a start and local adjustments is a major part of processing.

I did tweet Adobe about this.. and was informed that us Android users should get the full benefits of Lightroom Mobile in the near future.

Well I suppose that is some consolation.. but on second thoughts it is not… especially when Gartner has figures that say that 1.3 BILLION Android Devices were shipped out compared to 276 million IOS devices..

And what makes this even more of a bitter pill to swallow is according to NetMarketShare Android users make up 68.6% of the market

And when it comes to Windows -v- Mac the figures are even more astounding…

There are 90.95% Windows users … with MAC taking only 6.74% of the market..  So it begs the question… why are the likes of Adobe.. Aurora HDR catering more for the MAC/IOS market than the leading sellers Windows/Android?

I am just an amateur photographer and I can’t afford a £2,000 Computer to process my photographs… I can’t afford a top of the range iPhone or iPad … is my photography valued even less by these companies because I don’t use MAC/IOS?

Even with AuroraHDR the MAC users have had 2 major updates/releases that I can recall.. whilst the Windows users are given,  is a link to sign up to get an email when the Windows version is released and as for a time-frame well that is up in the air.. sometime in 2017

It is really starting to PEE me right off… that us Windows/Android users are being left out in the cold… especially when the likes of Adobe charge me the same price for their photography package and I don’t get as much as other users get.. with regards to their Lightroom Mobile features. (Stamping feet in frustration)

Rant Over…

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Photography Blogging…

Photography Blogging…

Lately I am beginning to question whether Blogging is now becoming a thing of the past… especially with the rise of Social Media and the fact that you can now create Facebook and Google+ Pages to promote your images.

I don’t know about you but lately I am finding it hard to find something to write about… Of course I could go into the lengths and depths of how I processed the photo but that is taking my time away from processing photographs.

One thing I do know… I don’t want to be tied to a computer screen all day … writing posts and I do feel guilty if I only post an image… with no content.  How do you feel?  Is Blogging taking over your life?  Would you prefer to be processing photos and even better.. being out there getting shots… rather than sitting at a desk thinking of something to write?

portfolioAnyway… is showcasing your work on a Portfolio a way to work… and then do the occasional blog post highlighting what you have worked on during the week?

A little while ago… after reading a blog post (and don’t ask me where) I realised that if you have any Adobe Products including the Photography Package, you can create a Portfolio for FREE.

And when you create your Portfolio you can also publish your work to Behance.

Using a Portfolio to me seems a whole lot easier.. I just upload the images to my Adobe Portfolio and then it will automatically publish my work to Behance.

You also have the benefit of having using your own Personal Domain for your Adobe Portfolio … mine is

Setting up your Portfolio on Adobe is easy… and even though the theme choice is limited you can customise any of the themes by changing font’s, colours and adding backgrounds.  I am still working on my Portfolio at the moment… and I am just learning how to customise the actual layout… I am sure it will change within the next few days.

Social Media is a great way to promote your work… and WordPress does a good job of sending your posts to Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc but one thing Facebook doesn’t do properly is promote links.  I have found if I upload a photograph it has a far greater reach than publishing a link to a blog post.

I think for the time being, I will cut down my actual blogging time and work on my Portfolio and maybe give Google+ and our Facebook Page at little more of my time rather than posting links to photographs.

Anyway if you do have the Adobe Photography package and you are only using Social Media to showcase your work… don’t forget you can create a free Portfolio showcasing your images.  It is one little feature that I didn’t know existed until I read that blog post.

You can also add links to your Portfolio that will direct viewers to your Blog or any other website you may be using… for instance, selling your work on FineArt America or Etsy…

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Oh those decisions, decisions….

Oh those decisions, decisions….

Why is it hard to make up my mind?

I have Lightroom 5.5 and Photoshop…. so I can quite merrily do most things I want to do with a photograph.  But here is the problem… Adobe are not releasing stand alone versions of Photoshop any more.  Everything, except Lightroom is CC (Creative Cloud).

adobeAdobe just released, only the other day, their newest latest and fastest cloud apps; with refined tools and many more features.  Which are quite impressive to be honest.

And every photographers dream.

Now if you don’t make money from your photography or you don’t cover your overheads having to shell out a nice price every month for these apps… is a bit steep.  Anyway, Adobe announced last year that they were doing a $9/99 per month, which is £8.78, plan where you have the full features of Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

However what they didn’t say was how long this offer was for.  You knew you had it for the first year at that price, but nobody was certain whether or not Adobe would pull that particular plan and that was it; you had to start paying those heavy monthly plan fees.

But alas no… thanks to the information from Lightroom Killer Tips.  Matt writes:

Creative Cloud Photography Plan is Now Permanent
Last year, Adobe announced a $9.99/month photography plan for the Creative Cloud in response to photographers that didn’t want to use all of the CC apps. When they announced it, it was a temporary thing. So if you got it, you were in. If not, you weren’t. Well, then they brought it back, but again it was still meant to be temporary. I think that made a lot of people uneasy because they thought maybe next year it would go away, and they’d have to revert back to old versions or spend more money to get the full Creative Cloud. So today, they officially announced that the Creative Cloud Photography plan is permanent. It’s not going away so if you want to sign up this week, great. If not, and maybe you decide to next month it’ll still be there.

Well for less than £2.50 a week I could get the photography plan… but this is the dilemma?  Do I opt in now or do I wait for Lightroom 6, which I guess will be next year sometime or do I opt in now for the photography plan?

If anyone is on this Photography Plan can they tell me, what extra’s you get with CC that you don’t with CS6 and can you install plug-ins, the likes of those from Nik and Topaz Labs?

Oh how I hate these so called decisions….. and would really like some guidance on which way to jump 😀

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My favourite Lightroom tool….

My favourite Lightroom tool….

Has to be the Radial Filter

The radial filter wasn’t introduced into Lightroom until Adobe released their Version 5 of Lightroom.  And how I am glad they did bring us this feature.  I use it regularly… in fact I think with every photo I do somewhere in that photo is an adjustment created by the radial filter.

For instance if you want to show up some brightness around a light… you can do that easily by making your selection, inverting the mask and then increasing the exposure..

One of the things I mainly use it for is to add a Vignette to a photo.  Yes Lightroom does have an effects panel in the develop module for you to add a vignette but it works mainly from the centre of the picture… which is absolutely no good if you want to draw the viewers eye into a particular spot in a photograph.

For instance take this photo…..


Just a piece of an old tree on the ground….

But in the centre of that tree is the cotton wool larvae of an insect… which I want the reader to see.  So what I did was do my adjustments as necessary, then add a radial filter to the picture and decreased the exposure.


Which left me with this picture…

img_4987-4Then I cropped the picture, following the thirds rule and ended up with this final image


So if you want to add a Vignette to a picture you can easily achieve this by using the Radial Filter… you can feather the effect to your own liking and you can add more than one radial filter to a picture…

colour-vignetteLove this tool and wouldn’t be without it now… 😀  You have all the options available to you in the panel, you can change, tint, temperature, exposure, highlights, shadows, black, whites, sharpness etc..  As well as the ability of may adding a colour to that vignette.

And not forgetting if you invert the mask you can make changes to the centre of your radial filter… It is definitely worth playing around with as there are so many options available to you.

This is same picture with the added colour..


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Chartwell.. standing for ages

Chartwell.. standing for ages


Chartwell .. standing for ages

Yesterday, I decided to delve into HDR photography a little bit more.  I had been using Corel Paintshop Pro to merge my bracketed photos, but running that and trying to run Lightroom at the same time seemed to slow my work flow down.

Anyway I went to the Adobe site and found the write up about the LR/Enfuse plugin. Continue reading →

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Wakehurst Landscape

Wakehurst Landscape


Wakehurst Landscape

Early May 2012, we decided to visit Wakehurst Place… we had only been doing our photography for about 4 months and we were such novices.  Whilst looking over the photographs we took, looking back I wish we had really read the photography books before heading out. Continue reading →

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