Concrete seat….

Concrete seat….

As you stroll around the inner and out walls of Walmer Castle, you come to this little arch set underneath where the cannons are.  Within this arch is a concrete seat.. and it took ages to get this shot as people wanted to sit in that seat and have their photograph taken.  Anyway patience won in the end.


If the weather is good this weekend, I think we might just go back to Walmer Castle. The above photograph was taken in August 2013.

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The Arches at Bodiam…

The Arches at Bodiam…

On Good Friday we decided to take ourselves off to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. We had visited the castle once before, and as my hip was aching like crazy, Bodiam seemed the ideal place because it is primarily on the flat.

Even though the sun was in the sky, believe me, it was jumper weather.  It was cold there, but that was’t going to deter us from taking some photographs.

The following photograph was taken within the Castle and it is of two arches.  What I love about the photograph are the colours of arches and surrounding stonework and how they made a great entrance to various parts of the castle.  Even though the inside of the castle is mostly ruins, you can just imagine the living quarters in their full glory.


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Ornate Arch

Ornate Arch


Ornate Arch

As you stroll around the gardens of Nymans, you come across this brick arch..  What I loved about this arch was the Japanese feel it had to it.. what with the cherubs looking down at you.

Taken: 21st July 2012
Location: Nymans
Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ-48
F Stop: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/1250sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 4mm
Max Aperture: 2.96875

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Stone arch..

Stone arch..

Scotney Castle

Stone Arch

This picture was taken looking through the stone arch, at Scotney Ruins, towards the gardens.  What I loved about this shot was the way the stone framed that particular piece of the gardens. Continue reading →

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