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From plain boring to….

From plain boring to….

Now I don’t know about you… but sometimes Photoshop puts the fear of God up me.  And the worst part is no matter how many videos you watch, until you get to grips with Photoshop, you feel as if you are a fish out of water at times.

Then comes the fear of asking others, ‘How did you do that?’  You want to ask but think my god I darn’t because they will think I am a right thicko.  So for me Photoshop is about watching those videos and all about practice, practice and more practice until you’ve mastered what you want to do.

Yes adding the old textures now, is simple… I’ve mastered that and learning how to use layer masks to a certain degree.

But what about changing the whole appearance of a photo? For instance take this image:


Yep it is nothing spectacular is it?  Just a plain old boring shot of Broadstairs from high up on the promenade overlooking the beach.

So what can I do to change the appearance?

First of all, I did my adjustments as normal in Lightroom until the picture looked like this:


Then I right clicked on the image and selected ‘Edit in’ Photoshop

Edit in PS

I selected the ‘Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments’ and then clicked Edit..

The image was then transferred to Photoshop.

My first adjustment was to right click on the layer and select blending options and then going down to gradient layer and moving the sliders to these settings (note by making sure the Preview box is ticked you can see the effect your adjustments are having on your picture in real-time:

Gradient OverlayWhich resulted in this image:

P1030167-graduated filterMy next step was again to bring up the blending options again and select Colour Overlay

Colour OverlayI changed the blend mode and used a deep brown as the overlay, which resulted in this image:


I could have masked out certain areas to bring a lighter tone to them, but I decided to save the file by selecting File and then save, which automatically transferred the image  back to Lightroom where I could work on it further.

Once back in Lightroom I used the radial filter to several parts of the image to increase the exposure and I increased the overall clarity of the photo.  Then I increased the exposure to lighten up the photo slightly.  Which in the end gave me this image:


I could and probably will work on this image further.. but I just wanted to show the powers of Photoshop and Lightroom and how they integrate with each other and make life a whole lot easier.

So don’t be afraid of experimenting for fear of ruining your photos… because by using Lightroom to copy your photo to Photoshop, your original image will remain in tack… as Lightroom is non-destructive.

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Making my own textures….

Making my own textures….

I love using textures in photographs… and as you may have guessed two of my favourite textures are these.

Texture 5


Now every time I use these two textures I could add them as separate layers and play around with the opacity and fill settings of the layers until I achieved the desired effect.  But, as a short cut, I decided today to actually play around these textures and save them as a jpeg photograph, which resulted in these these two textures.

Favourite 1 Favourite 2So instead of having to play around with two textures I now have a combined texture which I can use at any time.

Today I used the lighter version of the two above to turn this photo


Into this..


If you want to play around with textures, I highly recommend Public Domain Textures as your first stop the getting some quality textures.

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Reworking… adding texture

Reworking… adding texture

Today I decided to rework this photograph, using two of my favourite textures used in this post.  However with this photograph I wanted to emphasise the bark texture, so I increased the opacity until the texture of the bark became more visible.

Just by playing around with the opacity of the two texture layers, you can achieve such varying results.  I love playing with textures, as I think they give an more arty look to any picture.   Do you use textures?  And if so do you have any special ones that you use more than others?

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Remember this… from yesterday….

Remember this… from yesterday….

Do you remember this photograph from yesterday?

Well today I thought I would play around with the photograph and add some texture to it.  I used two of my favourite textures, for the process and told Lightroom to edit the above photo in Photoshop.

Texture 5


I played around with the opacity and fill until I achieved what I wanted and then with a layer mask, again with a lower opacity removed some of the texture from the purple on each of the texture layers.

Then I saved the file and it was automatically transferred back to Lightroom as a TIFF file and I then added a radial filter to bring some lightness to the purple petals.

Here is the final result…. hope you like it.

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Night time feel….

Night time feel….

Sometimes you see a picture and it is missing something… and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Well this happened to me today… there was something not quite right with this picture. And then it dawned on me it lacked drama.


So how could I add some drama?

Firstly I had to decide what type of drama I wanted and I wanted a night time feel to the picture.  So I took the above image to Photoshop and then added the following as a texture.

Leather Texture

I then lowered the opacity and fill until I got the sort of texture I wanted.

Then I created a layer mask and went over the castle removing the texture and adjusted the exposure with the brush until I got the desired effect I was looking for.

And here is the final image.


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A whole new feeling…

A whole new feeling…


A whole new feeling…

To achieve the above image, which was taken at Goodnestone Park Gardens, I used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I started out with this image…


Even after processing in Lightroom…


I still wasn’t happy… so I decided to add some texture to the photograph…. so off to Photoshop the imagine went… In Lightroom it is quite easy to edit an imagine in Photoshop… provided you have the original image to hand (yes I found out the hard way… you can’t edit smart previews in Photoshop) you just right-click and edit in Photoshop.

Once in Photoshop I then added three different textures by adding each one on a separate layer and then adjusted the blending modes, opacity and fill options until I reached the textured look I wanted.    Once I happy in Photoshop I clicked File Save and my image was saved and sent back to Lightroom as a tiff image.   Then I decided to use the radial filter in Lightroom so it looked like you were being drawn in to the daffodils or better still spying through the woods (as one of my friends said on Facebook).

We loved our visit to Goodnestone Gardens and not forgetting our lunch at The Haywain.

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