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Yellow Flower of Lullingstone

Yellow Flower of Lullingstone

A photograph of a yellow flower taken in the World Gardens at Lullingstone Castle, in Kent.

A photograph of a yellow flower taken in the World Gardens at Lullingstone Castle, in Kent.


This flower was taken just a few weeks back when we visited Lullingstone Castle near Eynsford in Kent…

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Lets have some orb fun…

Lets have some orb fun…

Photography isn’t just about going out and snapping photographs and posting them on a blog… photography has to be about fun… enjoyment and experimentation. Now experimentation doesn’t just to have to be achieved with holding a camera in your hand.  It can be about using Photoshop to have some fun.

Take this image for instance…

img_8775How can I make an orb…

Firstly I open up the image in Photoshop.  Using the crop tool and selecting the 1:1 (Square) ratio, I select the part of the image I want…

initial-imageThen I click on Filter, select Distort and then Polar Coordinates, which will then bring up another window.  I then select Polar to Rectangular and OK and that gives me this image.


Then I Select Image and Image Rotation and Select Flip Canvas Vertical, which gives me this.


Then I go back to Filter, select Distort again and Polar Coordinates which brings up another window where I change the setting to Rectangular to Polar and select OK.

And that gives me the final orb….


Here are the instructions.

  • Crop image to 1:1 (square) Ratio
  • Filter ► Distort ► Polar Coordinates…. ► Polar to Rectangular ► OK
  • Image ► Image Rotation ► Flip Canvas Vertical
  • Filter ► Distort ► Polar Coordinates…. ► Rectangular to Polar ► OK

Here are a few Orbs I have just created using the above instructions.

From this

img_9150-editTo this…



From this



To this



From this



To this



From this



To this




And what would happen if you didn’t keep the 1:1 ratio and used a portrait ratio? I tried it with the yellow flower and got this effect.


And for a landscape ratio I got this effect..



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Those plug-ins..

Those plug-ins..

I don’t know about you but sometimes I forget I have plugins in both Lightroom and Photoshop… unless they jump out at me and shout ‘Use Me’, they don’t get to see and airing.

Most of my processing is done via Adobe Lightroom and I only use Photoshop if I want to add a texture to my picture…. that is about the limit of my Photoshop expertise to be honest.

Anyway today I processed this photo, of Bodiam Castle, via Lightroom


Which I was quite pleased with… and then I thought about a plugin I have called Topaz Adjust.. and what a difference that plug in made… when I selected the HDR presets and selected a medium one.

Here is the final result…using Topaz Adjust…


Now to remember to use it more often… 😀

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Night time feel….

Night time feel….

Sometimes you see a picture and it is missing something… and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Well this happened to me today… there was something not quite right with this picture. And then it dawned on me it lacked drama.


So how could I add some drama?

Firstly I had to decide what type of drama I wanted and I wanted a night time feel to the picture.  So I took the above image to Photoshop and then added the following as a texture.

Leather Texture

I then lowered the opacity and fill until I got the sort of texture I wanted.

Then I created a layer mask and went over the castle removing the texture and adjusted the exposure with the brush until I got the desired effect I was looking for.

And here is the final image.


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A whole new feeling…

A whole new feeling…


A whole new feeling…

To achieve the above image, which was taken at Goodnestone Park Gardens, I used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I started out with this image…


Even after processing in Lightroom…


I still wasn’t happy… so I decided to add some texture to the photograph…. so off to Photoshop the imagine went… In Lightroom it is quite easy to edit an imagine in Photoshop… provided you have the original image to hand (yes I found out the hard way… you can’t edit smart previews in Photoshop) you just right-click and edit in Photoshop.

Once in Photoshop I then added three different textures by adding each one on a separate layer and then adjusted the blending modes, opacity and fill options until I reached the textured look I wanted.    Once I happy in Photoshop I clicked File Save and my image was saved and sent back to Lightroom as a tiff image.   Then I decided to use the radial filter in Lightroom so it looked like you were being drawn in to the daffodils or better still spying through the woods (as one of my friends said on Facebook).

We loved our visit to Goodnestone Gardens and not forgetting our lunch at The Haywain.

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One photo… three takes…

One photo… three takes…

Time and time again you hear me harping on about Lightroom… I have just downloaded the 5.2 release candidate and have to say.. I love the feathering option given in the clone and heal tool and in the radial tool.

Well today I decided to use both Lightroom and Photoshop Elements 10..

I started with this photo…


It was shot in RAW and the focus was on one daffodil..  I liked the photo but the building to me seemed to distract you… and ruin the shot.

So after a bit of cropping, taking the clarity out of the building and adding clarity to the daffodils and playing around in Lightroom I ended up with a colour version that I quite liked.


But I still wasn’t impressed with the building.. so again I reduced the clarity and decided to turn the photograph into black and white.


I added the radial tool to focus on the daffodil and then darkened the exposure surrounding it.

I again lowered the clarity of the buildings.. which is very easy to do in Lightroom.. all you have to do is right click on your pin and then select duplicate.. and Lightroom will then copy those exact adjustments again for you.

Once I got the black and white to to a photo, I think edited the photograph in Photoshop Elements 10…  I added a texture to the photo and then removed the texture from the daffodil..

I wanted then to try something else .. so I added an adjustment layer, and used an orange/brown tone and lowered the opacity until I achieved the colour I wanted.


But still something wasn’t right with the photograph and I couldn’t work it out.. so back to Lightroom for a quick crop and hey presto I think I have an image that I am pretty pleased with.

Firstly the black and white version


And now the Sepia coloured textured photo..


I am really enjoying using textures and playing around with photographs.. Photography isn’t just composing the shot and clicking the shutter.. it is all about the processing of a photograph as well.

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Fooling Lightroom… Matt’s tip

Fooling Lightroom… Matt’s tip


Fooling Lightroom… Matt’s tip

Well I don’t know about you, but I love tips and tricks.. especially about Lightroom and Photoshop Elements 10.  Yes there are loads of sites you can visit that teach you all about Lightroom, but one of my favourite sites is Lightroom Killer Tips, now I don’t know if you have visited that site.. but Matt Kloskowski, apart from teaching you tips and tricks in Lightroom; also offers a wide range of Free Presets for Lightroom. Continue reading →

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