Canary Wharf Cityscape

Overlooking Canary Wharf and the River Thames

Canary Wharf and River Thames
A photograph of the River Thames and Canary wharf taken from North Greenwich.

One of the main advantages of living in the South East of England is the easy access to London. Mind you, the drive during rush-hour is another thing and every day my hubby complains about the traffic that is on the A2. So we don’t get to visit London as must as I would like.  Read more “Overlooking Canary Wharf and the River Thames”

Iron Gate Landscape

The Iron Gate at Eltham Court Palace

As I mentioned way back… I have had 3 blog posts produced on the Topaz Labs Blog.. I have felt very humbled in being asked, by Jodi Robbins, to write articles for them.   Anyway.. the post I wrote was about adding Paint Effect to Photos and I used a photograph of a gate that was taken at Eltham Palace in London.

I wanted to give the image some different processing techniques using Lightroom and of course my new found craze of the Powder Paint Effect method of processing.

A photograph of a gate at Eltham Palace in London, that leads you down to the moat’s formal gardens.

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Eltham Court Palace Architecture

Eltham Court Palace in London

As many of you have gathered I am well and truly into this Powder Paint Effect. What I love about it.. is the simplicity of the processing and now I have figured away with using this in Lightroom; which is cutting down my processing workflow a little.  With only 10 days to go.. until Op Day.. I thought I would play around with a photograph from Eltham Court Palace.

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The Bridge at Eltham Palace Gardens

Yesterday in my post about the moat at Eltham Palace Gardens, I mentioned a bridge that spans the moat which you have to cross before gaining entry into the Palace and Grounds.

A photograph of the bridge at Eltham Palace Gardens that spans the moat.

You can walk around the entire moat with its two-sided water feature and two-sided landscaped gardens.. When we were there on this particular day… the Canadian Geese were putting on a right display of squabbling… and it was quite funny to watch.

A photograph of the bridge at Eltham Palace Gardens that spans the moat.

This above photograph is shot from the other side of the bridge.. and I just love the colour of the stonework and the arches.

A photograph of the bridge at Eltham Palace Gardens that spans the moat.

It was very hard to capture the bridge and some people-removing was carried out in Photoshop.. that bridge has a lot of people standing there looking down on the moat.. and I had to wait until the majority of them moved before taking the shot… To be honest I never thought some of them were ever-moving.. and it took a lot of patience standing there waiting for the minimal amount of people on that bridge. 😀 😀

Eltham Palace Moat Landscape

The Moat – Eltham Palace Gardens

A photograph of the moat at Eltham Palace Gardens

One of the places we love to visit is Eltham Palace Gardens in London.. which is owned and maintained by the English Heritage… The Palace is surrounded by a moat, with two of moat being water and the other two sides being formal gardens…

To gain access to the Palace you have to cross a stone bridge and the above photograph was taking whilst standing on that bridge looking down at the moat.

Even though I liked the above photograph purely processed in Lightroom; I wanted to take it a step further and decided to process the image in Photoshop using Topaz Texture Effects 2 and Topaz Impression.

A photograph of the moat at Eltham Palace Gardens processed in Lightroom and Topaz Texture Effects 2

What I liked above using the Topaz Texture Effects 2 was that it gave more definition to the tree branches and trunks as well as the sky.  I didn’t want a heavy texture applied to the image as I wanted the texture to add subtle hints of texture. The above image is straight from Photoshop without adding any further edits in Lightroom.

A photograph of the moat at Eltham Palace Gardens processed in Lightroom, Topaz Impression and Topaz Texture Effects 2

The above is the final image after adding Topaz Impression 2 to the image… I love the paint effect and I added some dodging and burning using radial filters in Lightroom to give the image a feeling of there being many light sources.

Even though I love all three images my favourite is the painted effect image created by Topaz Impression 2… and I am quite pleased with the effect these plugins gave the image especially when you add the image to a frame.

And if you want to add a frame to your image you can download the frames in jpeg images and lrtemplates for both landscape and portrait frames by clicking HERE.


Eltham Palace

A photograph of the Palace at Eltham Palace Gardens in London – Rework


Well not a lot has changed in the hip department… so going out and finding new locations to photograph has taken the back burner for the time being.  However, I have been asked to do another tutorial for Topaz Labs which I will be doing in the near future.. and what with Christmas fast approaching … and my processing time somewhat reduced I did manage to do a rework of a photo of the palace which I took at Eltham Palace Gardens in London back in June 2013.


Dark and Moody – Canary Wharf

A photograph of Canary Wharf taken from North Greenwich… London.

Playing around again this morning… and I wanted to create a dark and moody photograph.. I did do an earlier version of this photograph primarily in Photoshop and posted it to Social Media… but I didn’t like it so I decided to see if I could replicate the photograph just by using Lightroom.  And this is where Lightroom’s new feature of Reference View came into play.  As I normally use Lightroom initially to process my photographs.. my Photoshop Edit was automatically imported back into Lightroom and that is what I used as my reference image..  And I have to say I do prefer the Lightroom edit..

A monochrome photograph of Canary Wharf taken from North Greenwich… London.


I do have a tendency to go for this style of image editing… I like the Dark and Moody look in my photographs…  I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea.. but for me no matter what other style I try to use.. I get drawn back to this Dark and Moody look… and to be honest I feel more in my comfort zone creating this type of imagery.


Fire in the Sky

A photograph of Canary Wharf just as the sun was setting and before the buildings started to become illuminated.
A photograph of Canary Wharf just as the sun was setting and before the buildings started to become illuminated.


When we first started to do night photography, one of the very first places we visited was North Greenwich and we chose a location just by the river overlooking Canary Wharf.  Hubby had worked in North Greenwich and could see the buildings as they gradually become illuminated as day turned into night.  This shot was just as the sun was setting and the lights started to shine in the buildings…