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It didn’t turn out half bad… for this panoramic

For a seven-shot hand-held panoramic in a wooded area… it didn’t turn out half bad.  Yes during our trip to Hole Park in Rolvenden as we strolled through the wooded area… I wondered if I could manage a hand-held panoramic shot as I didn’t have my tripod with me.  Advertisements

Overlooking the Weald

Now when it comes to taking panoramic photos… that I leave to him generally.  However, as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained.  So on our visit to Riverhill Himalayan Gardens and our trek up to the viewpoint, I decided to take a panoramic picture of the wonderful view…. even though it was grey and murky. …

Panoramic of a tree..

When people talk of panoramic shots they think of landscapes and rolling hills.  Just like I did.  Anyway today I was going through our collection of photographs from Morden Hall Park and I came across these two pictures.   This tree was absolutely massive and I can remember trying to sit on a bench and …