Folkestone Harbour

Folkestone Harbour


Folkestone Harbour

Taken: 3rd October 2012
Location: Folkestone
Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S5700
F Stop: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/340 sec
ISO: 64
Focal Length: 6mm
Max Aperture: 3.6

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Hastings Cable Car

Hastings Cable Car


Hastings Cable Car

Back in 2011 we decided to hit the coast, well we took ourselves down to Hastings. This photo is taken from inside a cable car looking down at the other cable car was just about to reach the bottom of the cliff.

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Taken: 8th April 2012
Location: Emmett’s Garden
Camera: Canon EOS1100D
F Stop: f/5
Exposure: 1/320 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 45mm
Max Aperture: 4.75

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Paignton Steam Train

Paignton Steam Train

Paignton Steam Train

Paignton Steam Train

There we were on holiday, and on the first Sunday of our holiday we decided to drive to one of my favourite areas, Torbay. As a family we have holidayed in Torquay at a Havern site when my grown up mummy’s little soldier was younger, but there is something about that area that always makes me want to return. Continue reading →

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Ightham Mote

Ightham Mote


Ightham Mote

Taken: 25th March 2012
Location: Ightham Mote
Camera:  Canon EOS1100D
F Stop: f/14
Exposure: 1/200 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 18mm

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Scotney Castle Ruins

Scotney Castle Ruins

P1010612Scotney Castle Ruins

Taken: 7th April 2012
Location: Scotney Castle
Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ-48
F Stop: f/3.3
Exposure: 1/60 sec
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 13mm
Max Aperture: 3.4453125

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Hide and seat

Hide and seat

P1020971Hide and Seat

Taken: 19th May 2012
Location: Sissinghurst Castle
Camera: Panasonic DMZ FZ-48
F Stop: f/44
Exposure: 1/160 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 21mm
Max Aperture: 3.6171875

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Scotney by the lake

Scotney by the lake


Scotney by the Lake

Taken: 1st August 2012
Location: Scotney Castle
Camera: Canon EOS1100D
F Stop: 7.1
Exposure: 1/80 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 35mm
Max Aperture: 4.375

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Peeking through the window

Peeking through the window


Peeking Through The Window

This picture was taken at Scotney Castle ruins, What I love about this particular picture is the way the window captures the view.

You can just imagine the seasonal changes that can be viewed from that particular window. When we took that picture it was in August 2012 and I suspect it is magnificent when their is newly laid snow on the ground.

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recommendationsNow I don’t know about you, but there are so many great photography blogs out there on this world wide web, that sometimes you lose track of who you are following and who you would recommend.  Well I am not even going to attempt to proclaim I am professional.. I am still a novice compared to some of the blogs I am going to list below.

But what I have found is this, some of these blogs are an absolute must on your reading list… and it those blogs that I am going to recommend to you via this list (which is in its construct phase at the moment with various blogs being added daily).

Why don’t you just pop on over and have a peek and I am sure you will find their articles helpful and their techniques and photographic expertise a godsend.   So what I am going to do is put them into three categories…. Lightroom, HDR and Photography Blogs.

If you would like your blog to be listed here, then drop me an email at and I will consider adding it to this page.


Jill Levenhagen Photography

I have just found this blog and I highly recommend it.  Jill has added another dimension to Lightroom for me.. she has taught me about the print module of Lightroom and offers her readers free templates for them to use with Lightroom.  Thanks Jill xx

Laura Shoe

This blog is full of information on the technical side of Lightroom, and offers you great tutorials in HSL and other features that are in Lightroom.  What I love about this blog is the way Laura explains things in an easy to understand manner.  And her instructions are clear and concise.


Definitely bookmark this site if you use Lightroom, Matt Kloskowski teaches you everything you need to know about Lightroom.  But what I love most about this site is the fact that Matt shares with his readers presets that he has created, free of charge.  I love Matt’s presets and as I use Lightroom they give the perfect starting point.

Lightroom Secrets

Lightroom Secrets is another blog I have just stumbled upon.  It is informative and helps you to understand the real power of Lightroom and it full of tips and tricks. The author of this blog also provides links to various other sites full of information about Lightroom.

Serge Ramelli – Youtube Channel

This is an excellent channel to subscribe to if you are a novice of Lightroom. Serge Ramelli, will talk you through the stages of how he processes his photos in Lightroom.  What I love about Serge is that he has such an eye for detail and produces some excellent photographs.  Photographs and teachniques that will give any up and coming amateur photographer great inspiriation.



Trey Ratcliff

Well what can I say except, go over to his website and have a look.  What this man can do with HDR Photography is no mans business.  He has tutorials that give you an insight into what HDR Photography is all about.  A must read.


Photography Blogs

Amazing Places To Visit

Sebastin’s blog is full of wonderful pictures of places to visit.  What I love about their photography is the vibrance of their photographs and the toning they use.  There are some spectacular shots of lightening strikes.. really impressive photography. is a blog that is run by a gentleman who describes himself as an amateur photographer. He describes photography as a ‘combination of creativity, imagination and emotion’.  And you can clearly see this in his work.

Geoff Shoots the World

Geoff’s blog is full of tips and they really tell you how they achieved the final results. With easy steps that even a novice like I can follow.  It was only reading through one of their posts that I found out that you could create different exposures of a shot – by using Lightroom – to use for your HDR images.

Kathryn Dawson

Kathryn Dawson is a part-time photographer… What I like about her blog is the variety of subjects that she photographs, her range is vast, from animals right through to scenic shots… Now if you like pets then Kathryn’s blog has some lovely shots of dogs.

Leanne Cole Photography

An excellent Photography Blog… and a joy to read.  What Leanne Cole does best is to explain the different software she uses to get her final images to perfection and how she achieves this result.  A truly inspiring photographer who gives you inspiration and help.

Lizzie Joy Photo Suite

A beautiful blog to visit.. Lizzie captures many treasures of the earth.. Lizzie describes her blog as ‘A Photographic Showcase and Travelogue with a Hint of the Divine’ and I couldn’t agree with her more.. A pleasurable blog to view.

LyndaMichele Photography

LyndaMichele describes herself as an amateur photographer, who is just learning the ropes.  What I like about LyndaMichele’s blog is her eye for detail.  I like the way she captures her photographs and her wide range of subjects.


What I love about this blog, is their eye for detail and how they capture their subject . I love the black and white photography that MrsDawnp does and this blog is another one of the places that I would recommend people to view.

Mike Powell Photography

What I love about Mike Powell and his photography blog is the way he captures nature.  If your are interested in our feathered friends and nature, pop over to Mike’s blog who not just posts pictures but also writes about his journey in getting those shots.

Northumbria Light

An excellent blog with a variety of posts and pictures for you to muse over.  I love the way the way they bring a little piece of their surroundings to us the readers.  Take a look, some beautiful images to view.


If you love the great outdoors and those fantastic scenery shots, well this is the blog for you.  I love the way this blogger captures landscapes and how he adds drama to the photograph.  Some truly inspiring work.

Rona Black Photography

Rona says on her profile, her love for photography is a natural extension of her love of colour and her interest in detail.  I couldn’t agree more, Rona posts some very inspiring photographs, which gives her readers much inspiration.

Talains Photography

Another nature blog to bookmark… What I love about Talains blog is the way he captures those nature shots, especially the wildlife shots. I like their eye for detail and their patience, believe me capturing animals and wildlife in their habitat is not easy.

Vivre En Harmonie

A truly inspiring photographer… I just love the way she captures what the eye sees. Their use of colour and their eye for detail is just overwhelming.. and this in itself leads to such wonderful photographs of a variety of different subjects.

Wilden Marsh

Mike runs a very inspiring nature photography blog. What I like about Mike’s blog is the way he brings pictures to us that we would never see.  His posts are full of information and a joy to read.


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