Roll out the barrel…

Roll out the barrel…


Roll out the barrel…

Time and time I keep saying to myself I am going to purchase the Topaz Adjust plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop, and then change my mind.

Well yesterday after seeing the offer on their website.. that was it.. I purchased.  Normally the plugin is $49.99 for Topaz Adjust… but if purchased before 30th September 2013, you get the plug-in for $24.99, which is just under £15.50…. what a bargain.

The above photograph was taken at Upnor Castle… I did my usual adjustments via Lightroom and then transferred the file to Topaz Adjust for the final edit.  Once I got the desired effect, then back to Lightroom for a Vignette finish.

All I can say is that I am glad I went to their website yesterday….

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Chartwell.. standing for ages

Chartwell.. standing for ages


Chartwell .. standing for ages

Yesterday, I decided to delve into HDR photography a little bit more.  I had been using Corel Paintshop Pro to merge my bracketed photos, but running that and trying to run Lightroom at the same time seemed to slow my work flow down.

Anyway I went to the Adobe site and found the write up about the LR/Enfuse plugin. Continue reading →

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