Thinking of Spring

Thinking of Spring


Thinking of Spring

How many days have we officially been in the Spring Season?  Well I don’t know about you but I can’t see much spring when I look out of the window..

All I see is sleet, trying its hardest to turn to snow.. It is dank, it is damp and it is dismal out there. Continue reading →

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Stone arch..

Stone arch..

Scotney Castle

Stone Arch

This picture was taken looking through the stone arch, at Scotney Ruins, towards the gardens.  What I loved about this shot was the way the stone framed that particular piece of the gardens. Continue reading →

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Taken: 21st April, 2012
Location: Nymans
Camera: Canon EOS1100D
F Stop: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/80 sec
ISO: 800
Focal Length: 30mm
Max Aperture: 4.25

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