Iron Gate

Iron Gate

Polesden Lacey

Photographer: Bren Ryan
Location: Polesden Lacey
Date: 12th May 2012
Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ-48
Lens: n/a
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 13.2 mm

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.”

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Through the trees unto the hills

Through the trees unto the hills

The photograph below was taken at Polseden Lacey in Surrey, back in 2012.  What drew my attention to liking this photograph was the way the trees framed the hills and the horizon.

Taken by Ashley Ryan

Taken by Ashley Ryan

I though I would add a texture to the photograph to give it an added dimension.  Hope you enjoy…

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Poleseden Lacey … and its bridge.

Poleseden Lacey … and its bridge.

One of the first places we visited when we took up photography was a National Trust place called Polesden Lacey. This country home is just four miles from Dorking and junction 9 of the M25.

Polesden Lacey was home to the Edwardian hostess Mrs Greville, who entertained royalty and the celebrities of her time.

It is well known for its lavish parties hosted by Mrs Greville and a place that entertained both royalty and celebrity.  The Queen Mother whilst on her honeymoon stayed at Polesen Lacey and said ‘This is a delicious house.’  I couldn’t agree with her more.. the inside of the house is lavish with is golden mouldings in the Gold Room, along with the ceramics and art that was owned by Mrs Greville.

As you stroll around the grounds… there is a road that goes into a dip, entrenched in the hillside.  And connecting one side of Polesden Lacey to the other are wooden bridges.


We stood on the bridge above and took a photo of another bridge, that straddled this road… Instead of it being an open bridge, it had a thatched rood and a seating area within the bridge.


You can see how high up this bridge with the sky being positioned where it is.

Just as we were about to enter that bridge we heard the sound of horses hoofs.. it was just a shame that by the time we got to a position where we could take a shot, the horses had passed under the bridge.


Below is a picture of the entrance to the above bridge showing the seating area.


Polesden Lacey is a lovely place to visit and what I like about this place is that you could take photographs within in the house. (I will post some photographs of the interior at a later time) There are fields for picnics and even a little chicken coop, with this chicken taking pride of place…


So if you ever find you are in the Dorking area and have time to spare, pop along to Polesden Lacey; I am sure you will enjoy your day out.


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Inside Polesden Lacey

Inside Polesden Lacey


Inside Polesden Lacey

Back in May 2012, we visited Polesden Lacey, Surrey, which is owned and maintained by the National Trust.  The above picture is of one of the rooms.   The whole house, looks extravagant and luxurious… and you could see from the decadence that it was a place of great entertainment. Continue reading →

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Reworking some jpegs….

Reworking some jpegs….

Yesterday, I decided to rework an image, called Flower Bells,  that was taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ-48 camera.  I was really impressed with what Lightroom could do to images that was originally taken in jpeg format.

So I thought I would try some others


Taken at Eltham Palace Gardens..


Taken at Sissinghurst Castle


Taken at Whipsnade Zoo


Taken at Nymans


Taken at Polesden Lacey

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Lightroom 5… finally arrived.

Lightroom 5… finally arrived.


Lightroom 5… finally arrived.

And boy am I pleased.  Yes I held out and waited for the official release.  Mind you though, it didn’t stop me watching every video about it and reading every article.  I was tempted to download the Beta version but thought I would wait until the official version, anyway I wanted to see whether it would be worth spending nearly £60 on an upgrade.

And boy was it worth it.  Within minutes of downloading Lightroom 5 and installing it, without a hitch may I say, there I was seeing what it could do. Continue reading →

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Claremont Landscape Gardens

Claremont Landscape Gardens


Claremont Landscape Gardens

Now I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy the summer, when the skies are blue and the sun beats down on us.  I love the warmth and I love the colours that summer brings, with all its flowers.

Well last summer we visited Claremont Landscape Gardens, in Surrey.  It is not too far from us really, about an hours drive away.  The only part is, the journey is not too bad, providing the M25 flows freely.  One slight incident and you are bumper to bumper and crawling at a snail’s pace. Continue reading →

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Clandon Park House

Clandon Park House


Clandon Park House

The above picture was taken at Clandon House in Surrey.  Clandon House is owned and maintained by the National Trust. Clandon House is also used for weddings, so if you are planning a visit, please check the National Trust Opening Times before visiting as the vast majority of Fridays and Saturdays it is closed.  However it is open to the public for Easter 2013.

If it is like the other National Trust sites, we have visited, at Easter there is always the traditional Easter Egg hunt for children… or mums and dads should they want to protect their children’s teeth. 😀

Taken: 2nd August 2012
Location: Clandon House
Camera: Canon EOS600D
F Stop: f/8
Exposure: 1/125 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 42mm
Max Aperture: 4.625

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Clandon House

Clandon House


Clandon House

Back in the summer of 2012 hubby and I went to Clandon Park… although our visit was tinged with sadness. as we had just lost our beloved Bo, we did manage to capture a few shots of Clandon Park, in between shedding a few tears and feeling rather despondent.

Well the above photo I was going to turn into black and white… as I do have a passion for monochrome photography… but decided that the bright blue sky appearing from behind the clouds need to be in colour.. so I kept the whole photograph colour. Continue reading →

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Gardener’s Cottage – Polesden Lacey

Gardener’s Cottage – Polesden Lacey


Gardener’s Cottage – Polesden Lacey

The above photograph is of the gardener’s cottage which is set within the grounds of Polesden Lacey, Nr Dorking in Surrey.  Should you wish to, you can hire the cottage from the National Trust.  Polesden Lacey was the home of socialite Mrs Greville, who died childless in 1942.

Polesden Lacey has such spectacular views of the Surrey Hills and the house and grounds are owned and maintained by the National Trust. Continue reading →

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