Graduated Filter Tip…

Another tool in Lightroom I use regularly is the graduated filter... again you have many options with this tool, including exposure, contrast, tint, temperature and you can even add colour. But one thing I found with the graduated filter tool is that if you decrease the exposure, say to make the sky go darker.... and [...]


Lets have some orb fun…

  Photography isn't just about going out and snapping photographs and posting them on a blog... photography has to be about fun... enjoyment and experimentation. Now experimentation doesn't just to have to be achieved with holding a camera in your hand.  It can be about using Photoshop to have some fun. Take this image for [...]

My favourite Lightroom tool….

Has to be the Radial Filter The radial filter wasn't introduced into Lightroom until Adobe released their Version 5 of Lightroom.  And how I am glad they did bring us this feature.  I use it regularly... in fact I think with every photo I do somewhere in that photo is an adjustment created by the [...]