Second attempt of a silhouette

  Well the above is my second attempt at a silhouette photo.  You see I have a Photoshop book that gives you projects to do.. and one of those projects was silhouettes.. I followed the books instructions of finding two photographs to use for the silhouette. My first photograph was on Canary Wharf in London.  [...]


Surfer Girl

Tonight I thought I would try something completely different... I wanted to push the limits and process a photo in a totally different style to what I normally do. The first objective was to find a photo to use ... and I chose the above photograph which was taken back in September 2014 at Joss [...]

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

The above photograph was taken at Merriment Gardens in East Sussex.. earlier this month... as you can see there are a couple of trunks that distracted your eye away from the tulips... so my first job in Lightroom was to clone those out using 'Spot Removal Tool'.  After that I then cropped the image to [...]

Beautiful in White – Flower

Last year we visited Quex Gardens near Birchington in Kent... and I took this picture of a white flower that was planted within the walled gardens. The exposure was all wrong and it was far too bright and I didn't like the green leaves in the right-hand corner. So today I wondered if I could [...]

Hever Castle in Kent

Hever Castle

The above image is the final image which was mainly processed in Lightroom... however I did go to Photoshop to remove some elements of the photograph which I found distracting. The picture on the right is the one straight out of camera... I started off by adding a Preset by Serge Ramelli called 'B&W: Complexed [...]

Watermarking Your Photographs in Lightroom

Lightroom Edits I thought I would create this tutorial, simply because a friend of mine had asked for advice on how to watermark and export their photographs in Lightroom and what I do when I export my photographs.  First of all I start in the Lightroom Library panel and the first thing I look at [...]

Country Roads… take me home

This photograph was taken by St Margaret's Church in High Halstow, near Rochester, Kent and composed of 6 photos at different exposures. I then merged them in Photomatix and added an autumn tone to the picture, by using a preset in Photomatix and once the photograph was re-imported back to Lightroom I then adjusted the [...]

One Photo Focus – April

For the last couple of months, real life has been hectic and I haven't had time to process many photos or take part in Stacy Fisher's monthly photo challenges.  This month I was determined to submit an entry for One Photo Focus - April.  The photograph was submitted by Cee Neuner of  Cee's Photography. Just [...]