Reworking a rose

Rose from Sheffield Park Gardens
Rose of Sheffield

I thought I would rework a rose.  As I haven’t got my external hard drive here at the moment, and am using my laptop, I had the original blog photo in a folder in Google Drive, so I opened that in Photoshop and used only Photoshop for my edits. I started by duplicating the layer and altering the saturation and lightness of the red colour by using a ‘Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer’.  I then played around with the level by using a ‘Levels Adjustment Layer’.  Once I achieved the desired result my next thing was to crop this rose to create a more pleasing composition.  After I added my crop certain parts of the crop had transparent pixels.  I easily corrected this by creating a new layer and filling it with black using ‘Paint Bucket Tool’.  I then moved this layer to below my ‘Background Layer’.  Once I was happy with these edits I then clicked ‘CTL+ALT+SHIFT+E’ to merge all my edits into a new layer without merging the layers.  In this new layer I added a ‘Camera Raw Filter’ and added some ‘Radial Filters’ one to give a darker edge to the photo and less saturation and one to enhance the centre of the rose and add more ‘Clarity’ to the centre of the rose.  Once I was happy I saved the file, both in ‘PSD’ and ‘jpeg’ format.


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