Moonstar Angel

Moonstar Angel


A few months ago I came across a site called The Graphics Fairy where you could download free images to use in your digital artwork.. whilst browsing I found this wonderful angel on a crescent moon… and just loved the colours used in the image, so I based my entire composition on those colours.

Here are the steps I used to create the above image.

  • Opened a 3000 x 2000 px white background in Photoshop.
  • Using the gradient tool I selected the foreground colour as the duckegg blue and the background colour as the cream in the moon and added a gradient to my white background… from bottom to top.
  • Added Galaxy Transparent background to that image.
  • Then added a text layer, lowered the opacity of the text layer to 18%
  • I then added the stars background
  • Next I duplicated the Stars Background
  • I then added the Moon angel as I wanted her wings to be in front of the stars.
  • Returning to my stars duplicated layer I added clipping masks for Levels, Vibrance and Hue-Saturation until I got the gold stars to a similar colour of the angel wings.
  • Next I merged all visible layers and added a dodge and burn layer to throw some highlights onto her skin and to brighten her eyes and the highlights of the stars
  • I deepened the shadows on some of the darker areas
  • Finally I added a vignette before saving and importing into Lightroom
  • Once the image was back in Lightroom I added a darker vignette, brightened her eyes more and did some more dodging and burning… I also added a grain to the image

Happy New Year everyone xx


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