Using Adobe’s Photoshop Mix App with Lightroom Mobile

Created using Photoshop Mix and Lightroom Mobile

For just under £10 a month, I subscribe to the Creative Cloud and Lightroom Photography Package and personally for me, it suits my needs as I get both Lightroom and Photoshop.  However Lightroom Mobile is another thing.  I do wish Adobe would give Android users the same features that are available to iPad and iPhone users.  Android users can’t do local adjustments which is rather annoying.  I keep moaning and I keep being told it is in the pipeline.  But all I can say it must be a friggin big pipeline. 😀 😀

However, I do get to use some of the Apps available as well as Lightroom Mobile and one App I am using quite regular is Photoshop Mix.  By using images from Lightroom Mobile and combining them in Photoshop Mix I can create artwork in layers.  There are adjustments you can do and blending modes in Photoshop Mix as well as in Lightroom.


Yes there are limitations to using these Apps.  As I mentioned there are no Local Adjustments available for the Lightroom Mobile Android App.  You can open a PSD file stored in Creative Cloud to use as a base layer, but unfortunately it merges the layers created by Photoshop and you just get a flattened image of your PSD.  Just as if you saved the PSD file as a jpeg.  And you can’t alter what would have been the clipping mask as there are no advanced brushes available.

But for me at the moment, who can’t sit at a safe enough angle for a laptop due to this hip operation, my tablet has become my new best friend.   I can sit at a my desktop for so long… but after a while I get a bit sore.  So the only option I have is my Galaxy Tab S2.  I have my settings set up to create images that are no larger than 2048 px on the long edge.  That way as my Tablet syncs to Google Photos I don’t use up my storage allowance on over large images.

Trial and Error

Learning these new apps has been trial and error.  But my perseverance has prevailed and I now use Lightroom Mobile to store all the jpegs of my Powder Paint Templates.  Along with the images I want to work on.  At the moment I have just stuck to floral photography with these Apps.  But I will soon be delving into landscapes created using the Powder Paint Effect, with these two Apps.  Syncing images from your Desktop Lightroom to Lightroom Mobile is easy.   Images created by the Photoshop Mix App can be saved back into Lightroom and/or Photoshop.

Yes it has been trial and error to find a workflow that works for me.  And of course I would be grateful if Lightroom Mobile did do local adjustments.  Images which you save in Lightroom Mobile you can share to various social media networks, like Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, to name but a few.  With images synced back to Lightroom Desktop.

I am really enjoying using these apps.  I look forward to the day Android Lightroom Mobile Users get Local Adjustments.





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