Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Smart Collections

smart collections

I love working in Lightroom and have to say if I can do all my processing in Lightroom without having to go to Photoshop I will.  And organising my workflow is achieved by creating collections and smart collections.  For me I use Smart Collections to tell me which photos I have labelled Green.  Green being the colour I have selected as photographs on my website.

However until recently I found Smart Collections to be a little bit limited.  Especially if you wanted to create a smart collection with a lot of various rules.   It was a case of either or with them.. and no in between. That was until I stumbled across this wonderful tip from Benjamin Warde about using sub-criteria in your smart collections.

Especially with this revamping.  Using the advanced technique as described by Benjamin Warde it made my whole revamping process a whole lot easier.

As you can see I am still in the process of revamping and adding photographs to this website.. of course after they have been re-edited.  And this tip as I said really helped me out… and I hope you find it useful too.  Tune back in next week when I will bring you another Quick Tip next Friday for either Photoshop or Lightroom.

Until then…  have a good weekend every one and happy snapping.

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