Tuesday Photo Challenge – Worship


The devastation of the fire that ravaged Notre Dame in Paris last week, should be a wake-up call, for all our old Cathedrals, Churches and Historic Places.  Money needs to be invested in restoration to make all these places more fire resistant.

The above photograph is of one of the alters at Canterbury Cathedral in Kent and entered into the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Worship hosted by Dutch goes the Photo.


7 Comments on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Worship

    • Me too. I just couldn’t believe it went up in flames so quickly. When I got up the next day..seeing how fierce the fire was I was surprised that they managed to save it from total destruction. xx


  1. Fire detection, alarms and fast response is key. Also when doing work proper diligence to prevent fires such as those in OSHA guidelines. Many fires occur during renovations in old buildings.

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    • Yes… a lot has to do with health and safety and great fire precautions. I think today we live in a society where money is short and organisations have to go for the cheapest tender.


  2. Just a beautiful shot. I was in Canterbury a while back and didn’t have time to visit the Cathedral. Looking at your image I’m so sorry I missed it. Going bac k soon.

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