Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59 – Angles

The lens-artists challenge was set by Ann-Christine and the subject was Angles.  So for my images in this challenge, I am using two images I took at the Imperial War Museum in London.

The roof

The image above is the roof of the Imperial War Museum… you can see angles everywhere, especially in the steel structure.

For my second image, it has to be one photographed from inside the building.

You can see the angles of the walls, stairs and even display items are set on an angle.  The architecture of how the walls are curved caught my eye.  Many thanks to Ann-Christine for setting this challenge.

On level 5 of the building is the Holocaust Exhibition.  I have to say, it really hit home what happened.  We see pictures and films on the TV about the holocaust and think how terrible it was.. and how evil the Nazi’s could be.  But walking around the exhibition made me feel cold.  Especially the part where they were displaying the shoes of the victims.

I said to my hubby… every child should be taught how evil mankind can be and show what the Holocaust was about… and how they should never ever let another travesty like that happen ever again.   Seeing those shoes, viewing the pictures of real executions and the mass graves really hit home of what truly went on in those darkest of days.

2 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59 – Angles

  1. So many angles, Bren – great choices! And I agree with you – when you see the width of these atrocities you don’t understand how such things are possible. And possible to happen again. We constantly need to be reminded – and still mankind do these things to one another over and over again.

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